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Originally Posted by Jennifer3141 View Post
First off, I'd sue my doctor. Implanting sextuplets is unethical and should be illegal. We're women. We do have multiple births, which is more rare and special but we do not have litters of babies. That's cat territory. And have you ever watched a mama cat who has had it with her litter? She just gets up, walks away, and the kittens fall off her boobies wherever they fall and then make their way back to bed. And then mama cat hides for awhile and spends an inordinate amount of time grooming her butt.

Secondly, I'd selectively reduce.

I don't think you could AP sextuplets WELL. You can't cosleep with each baby and gaze into each other's eyes in the middle of the night - you're always feeding or diapering someone. I would guess that their entire childhoods would be something like that.

And I would have done IUI or IVF if it had come to it. I just believe fertility treatments need to be handled more ethically.

Around here, there's a family that had six babies when my DD was born. Not only were they on TV every night complaining how much money it took to raise their babies but they always went on and on about how marvelous it was to have those babies. Two of them are/were institutionalized because of their severe brain damage due to their premature birth and have never been home with her. It may be a very nice insititution but it still isn't a mama!! And I think one is already dead due to infections. Not the greatest life for anyone.
First, in IVF they don't "Implant" embryos. They transfer them. They implant on their own ONLY if conditions are right and the embryo is viable. And it's not black/white/cookie-cutter. Some patients, like most of the women you will hear about with HOM, have PCOS, which means they don't ovulate but when you give them even a TINY amount of FSH they will make several+ eggs. THESE are definitely patients REs need to be VERY careful with, and I do agree with that. I don't know what the % is for this type of patient, but there are MANY other types of patients out there needing care, and their problems are a LOT more complicated and may need more aggresive treatment. To say "NEVER transfer more than 1 or 2" or "NEVER stimulate for IUI more than 1 or 2 eggs" - which is true of some women - would be a HUGE disservice to other women - and again, THESE women who NEED the aggressive treatment are not the usual types you hear about getting HOM.

Edited to answer the OP:
After 6 years of infertility, if I were to somehow get pregnant with 6 (NEVER would have happened) I would find myself devastated, as the CHANCES of carrying as long as Jon and Kate is super unlikely. I would feel my only choice was to reduce to twins to increase the chances of live babies at the end. It would be heartbreaking and would consume my entire pregnancy, I'm sure.
If somehow I got 6 thrust on me (Jon and Kate left them to me) I'd just try to do the best I could. No point in trying to 'GUESS' how I'd handle it when I've had ONE child for the past 8 years - I have NO idea.
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All I can come up with is, "Run. Run far, far away!" :
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I would run away. :
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Originally Posted by daniedb View Post
All I can come up with is, "Run. Run far, far away!" :
, Should have read ahead, lol.
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I think I would have to have a strategic plan in place to prevent me from committing suicide.

I think if you have that many newborns that you CANNOT commit to a parenting style--you do what needs to be done so hopefully you can survive until the fun part.

I think having sextuplet toddlers would be a gas, though.
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I'd probably schedule. I'd sleep in the room with the babies, and let my DH sleep in another room. I'd beg, borrow and steal money to get a nanny helper.

I'd still sling, but I'd have to play it by ear as to who needed it. And then go out of my way to notice the one's that don't seem to need it and do it for them too because they probably do and just don't know it.

But I probably wouldn't do the type of treatment that would cause this many babies. Then again, I don't have that problem so I can't really say that sure and certain.
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Originally Posted by MommaGreenBean View Post
Twins I'd be the same as I am with my singleton, I'd just have to figure out how to nurse two at once and still sleep
I've got to say, as a twin mom...you're never the same with them as you are with singleton. And nursing is the easiest (at least barring latch problems and supply problems) part of the equation. Nursing the boys was no harder than nursing my girl.

However...just about everything else was. You simply do not have enough arms to be "the same" with your twins as you are with a singleton, particularly if you already have a singleton or two that needs you as well.
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Originally Posted by L&IsMama View Post
, Should have read ahead, lol.
I couldn't believe I was the first to say it!
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Originally Posted by CherryBomb View Post
Well, my religious beliefs wouldn't allow me to use fertility treatments, and I'm not sure if it ever happens naturally? I would breastfeed but I know I'd have to employ bottles, either of EBM or formula. I would have all the kids in my room probably,and rotate them out of the bed througout the night (2-3 in bed at a time).
Ditto. As for snacks when they are older, I'd do the muffin tray and just refill it a lot. As is, we already do breakfast, lunch and dinner at roughly the same times. And I'd just buy a ton of cloth diapers (kissaluvs probably) and do a lot of laundry.
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We did (minor) fertility drugs to concieve ds2, and are considering it again for late next year if we haven't concieved #3 naturally - and we won't. Lets just say that my fallopian tubs/ovaries were royally effed up by a very crappy doc.

Dh and I never even considered the possibility of multiples w/ ds2. I dunno why, it just never occured to us. But we've met, since then a gazillion people who had twins and triplets - and one girl with quads! - w/ the same method we used. So we talked about it and determined we could never selectively reduce. If we were blessed w/ multiples, we'd figure it out. Twins, we'd breastfed. Anything beyond that, probably not. The babies would co-sleep with eachother. I would babywear - I think you'd have to avoid CIO, and I just can't do CIO, no matter how many kids. And I'd probably schedule feedings depending on the kids needs. If I had enough assistance, I'd totally cloth diaper. But I'd need someone to help w/ laundry. LOL If the kids took pureed baby food, I'd make my own. I'd probably really piss off my kids pediatrician. Many times.
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Originally Posted by Tigerchild View Post
I think having sextuplet toddlers would be a gas, though.
God bless you. I think that would be worse than newborns! I would probably have my mug all over TV as the "missing mom of sextuplet 2 year olds".
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Originally Posted by L&IsMama View Post
God bless you. I think that would be worse than newborns! I would probably have my mug all over TV as the "missing mom of sextuplet 2 year olds".
I think screaming tantrums are kind of cute. And if you got one of those kid harness things (like they sell in school catalogs), and a pair of roller skates, you'd never have to walk uphill again! And the sibling-enhanced childproofing testing team would be like having the Cirque du Soleil in your own living room. If two kids can boost each other over the gate, think what 6 could accomplish! You could be extremely popular on YouTube.
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I'd breastfeed as much as I could, but I'd probably have to suplement with formula.

I don't know if I'd cosleep. I'd probably put three to a crib and cosleep with whichever one I fell asleep with while nursing in bed.

I think I'd try to encourage naps all together, at least when they're older, but I don't know how possible that would be. It would do them no good if I was unable to get any sleep because then I would not be able to take care of their needs.

We'd have scheduled meals, like we do now with our two children, but we certainly wouldn't let anyone go hungry in between meals! Bottles/nursing would be on demand as much as possible.

I would have to take turns with the babywearing, but it would just feel unnatural not to be carrying SOMEONE.

Cloth diapers? Sorry, no way.

Crying it out? Chances are, even with lots of help, someone would end up crying it out sometimes, with that many babies.

Softmama, I'm with you on hiring a nanny and a maid!

Tigerchild, I've worked in daycare with toddlers and preschoolers. I'm with you on sextuplet toddlers being a gas. Once you knew what you were doing and once you worked out some kind of routine (and, yes, some kind of schedule, if minor, would have to be in the works), six two year olds is very tiring, but it's not as hard as it sounds... most days.

My Hubby, though? I think he'd run as fast and as far as he could if I turned up pregnant with sextuplets! And my kids would be right behind him!
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I really don't think it'd be possible to exclusively breastfeed 6 babies. Even if you could produce enough, that would be your entire day...nursing and eating.

I really don't know what I'd do. If I somehow naturally conceived sextuplets I wouldn't selectively reduce. I just couldn't. I would nurse as much as possible, supplement the rest. My MIL would become a pretty permanent figure around here helping out.

I think w/ that many you just do what you have to do to get through another day...
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Originally Posted by JavaFinch View Post
Or Injectiable with just SEX - is that against religions, too? I thought it was just the handling of the sperm that was a no-no? I believe the McCaughey's had their IUI cancelled due to too many eggs and chose to have sex anyway, and they ended up with their 7 children.
No, that is not accurate. The doctors only saw 3 or 4 eggs when they were monitoring her. They don't know how it ended up being 7 but they did NOT have their IUI cancelled or go against their doctors wishes.
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The must unlikely case for us lol.... I would never do IVF (or anything of the sort) and I dont think 6 just naturally can happen and twins done even run in either of our families! lol....But...just for the fun of it!............

Co sleeping would still be possible. I would just have to make one room the 'sleeping room'! Lay the whole floors with foutons and thats where we would ...sleep! lol

I dont think bf would be possible. I mean...it would be... But I suppose it would depend on the babies! I think the more logical thing to do here is express as much as I could and divide it up between them so they all got equally the same amount of milk as I could give them. Actually bf them would be nice, but then they might not all get some, I may never actually be doing anything other than bf then, and bm is just important in itself - so if I could equally share that out with all, that might be what is more important.

I could at least babywear two at a time lol

I would also seek counceling
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Originally Posted by JavaFinch View Post
Or Injectiable with just SEX - is that against religions, too? I thought it was just the handling of the sperm that was a no-no?
I'm sure it depends on your religious beliefs. I just can't do anything that separates sex and procreation. I think clomid would be okay for Catholics, but don't quote me.
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Originally Posted by dealic View Post
Quite honestly, I wouldn't. I'd have selectively reduced.
Me too, down to twins or a singleton.
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There were sextuplets on Oprah a while back on sibling day and that mom exclusively breastfed sextuplets for about 6 months or so, until they started biting. I remember it because I remember saying "okay, next time we're definately making the BF thing happen. If she can do it with 6, I can do it with one (or two)."
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Wow.....trying to think about what it would like to be told that you are pregnant with 6!

I am a UC/homebirth mama to start with. So I would figure that out as I turned into a watermelon at 6 weeks along. Would have to figure out alternative plan as I do not think homebirth with 6 would be an option. :

Honestly....I do not know how I would do things. I do know that the Lord's would give me the strength. It would be a heck of a ride!
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