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I would be terrified to have 6 babies! I doubt I would be able to AP well. Atleast one would be always crying. My dd was/is high needs, and would scream like you were ripping her toe nails off every time I would try to put her down for the first 15 months. I can't imagine having more than one of those at a time! I doubt bfing would work well but I would try. They would have to get so many bottles they would probably develop nipple preference pretty early. I would not be willing to EP. I wouldn't want to get up during the night to pump when I already had to get up with 6 crying babies at night. I don't think many people can make enough milk for 6 babies. Maybe 3, but not 6! I would try to not CIO, but again, with only 2 arms and 6 babies, it would just happen sometimes. I would attempt feeding schedules, but not deny anyone food if it wasn't "time". How else could you survive? I would not co-sleep. I would try to time naps and night sleep together. Mom needs some sleep! I would sling one or two at a time, whoever needed it the most, and I would try to rotate. No way would I attempt to CD. One or two babies, yes. 3 or more? Nope.

I am another that thinks it would be a blast to have 6 two year olds, though. I didn't really like the baby days with my dd (colic and high needs) but I am LOVING toddlerhood! She is 2, and wouldn't mind having more the same age now. Life is fun!
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Originally Posted by Tigerchild View Post
And if you got one of those kid harness things (like they sell in school catalogs), and a pair of roller skates, you'd never have to walk uphill again! And the sibling-enhanced childproofing testing team would be like having the Cirque du Soleil in your own living room. If two kids can boost each other over the gate, think what 6 could accomplish! You could be extremely popular on YouTube.
OMG! I almost choked on a cherry tomato!
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I would breastfeed in the hospital, and probably go to exclusively formula when I got home. I know how important BFing is, but having a relationship with my children would be more important than pumping to me.

The babies would be 2/3 to a crib, with sick or otherwise needy babies cosleeping with me and/or DP.

Cloth diapers are great, but would be too overwhelming to me with 6, laundry-wise.

I would wear whoever needed it most at the moment.

Naps and meals would definitely be scheduled as much as possible without resorting to CIO.

I would hire a nanny AND a housekeeper.
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I guess I don't think scheduling and AP are exclisive if they work for your baby. My last was fairly scheduled. I figured we would start with what seemed good and tweek it as we went. She ended up pretty much sticking with what we started with and thrived. But i was willing to adjust and ditch if at any time it didn't seem to be the optimal situation. (we did this because my second would have really benifited from a schedule - still does at the age of 7- but my hardcore resistance to a schedule or taking any kind of control really made a mess of things). anyway we scheduled her naps and fed her before and after each nap. which made meals scheduled by default. I was also really big on encouraging her to nurse a full feeding rather than snacking becuase snacking annoys me to the point of weaning.

even once my kids start solids we have 3 meals and a snack. I am not a fan of grazing.

Anyway . . . feeding and sleeping schedules would be a must with six. It would also help keep all of them from wanting to eat at once. But i would start that way with even one baby.

i would definitely nurse. I may not be able to provide everything they need but I can definitely provide some of it.

doubt I would co-sleep. unlike breastfeeding you can't go back and forth with sleeping very easy. A kid needs to know where they are sleeping and usually sleep best in their usual place. it seems kinder to everyone to have a steady regular slep situation. I mean how would you like if every couple days you were expected to sleep with someone new, switched to the other side of the bed and given a random new pillow. I would sleep like crap.

Cloth diaper. absolutely. pins and prefolds. I just don't think this is any harder. fold them and stack them neatly? not a chance. get a second (third) washer and dryer? oh yeah.

wearing . . how could you not you only have so many hands.

I would have a definite baby area. somewhere safe and apart from the rest of the house.

maybe I am not as AP as I used to be. but having the schedule with Ava made things sane and helped me be more connected to her than I did the others. I guess it is a wash. but with six. .. . I think the first year is just going to be a blur no matter what.

Oh . . I would hire a house keper and a . . . .handler . . . for lack of a better term I met a lady with twins once who had what she called a nanny but she was more of a runner. mama would sit down to nurse and the "nanny" would be there with her nursing pillow and hand the babies to mom. she would then bring her refreshments, the phone whatever while she nursed. She cooked the meals, ran the baths and got everything set up. did the shopping, stocked the changing table, and everything like that so that mom was free to focus on parenting and caring for the kids. it was sweet. she wasn't taking over child rearing jobs, she was just taking care of all the time sucking details and making sure everything was just a little bit easier.
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I have two answers for this question:

If our situation remained as it is, I would be solely in charge of 10 children from 9am-8pm 5-6 days a week. We would not be able to afford a nanny, housekeeper, cook or any of the other things I could imagine we would want. I would try to breastfeed as much as possible to save money and of course would cloth diaper, both for health and for financial reasons, not to mention environmental ones. We would make our bedroom a wall to wall bed and co-sleep out of neccessity. I wore my two littlest ones in slings at the same time pretty much constantly when she was newborn so I suppose I could sling two babies at once, but not more than that. I would definitely need to ask my older two sons for more help around the house. I can't imagine scheduling anything with that many kids. I'm fairly certain my house would be utter chaos.

If our situation improved, or if money was no object:

I would hire a housekeeper and a cook and if we were independently wealthy and my DH could stay home constantly then I imagine it might actually not be too bad. We have two babies very close together and we've gotten used to caring for them both at the same time so I bet we could each handle three with a little practice. I would still breastfeed and cloth diaper as much as possible but hopefully my DH would have time to wash the diapers for me.
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Good lord, breastfeeding and cosleeping with twins is hard enough. I cannot IMAGINE, I really can't. I just about lost my mind the first three months with my three; to do six is unthinkable.
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I would pray a lot and ask for as much help as possible from family and friends.
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Well a Canadian woman recently gave birth to natural - identical - quads, so I suppose we don't have to assume infertility treatments.

For any higher order multiples, assuming they came through healthy and well, I think I'd honestly put most of our stuff into storage except for a few soft things (both for baby proofing and so as not to have to take care of/clean it), turn the living room/dining room into a playroom, make one of the bedrooms into a big bed on the floor and nothing else, use the other one for cribs and a futon for anyone not looking to cosleep, and try to outsource as much as possible (cleaning, laundry, cooking). Instead of baby wearing I would "baby lying" by lying on the floor with as many babies up against me and on top of me as much as possible. I might have to ease up on the TV rules though.

I think I'd try to BF each baby at least once a day and formula-feed the rest of the time, until that broke down.

But most importantly I think I would try to convince my MIL to retire early or take a leave and come live with us, and if not, I would try to find someone to live-in that I thought would stick around for a few years, or find a nanny. Or both.

I think this is where attachment parenting would really have to open to attachment alloparenting and I would consider it a priority to try to find other adults to be around "in loco parentis" so that when a baby/toddler was crying and upset, there would always be some arms not too far away.
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I love that show.

I like to think I would try to do things the way they do them, but I am not an organized person, so I doubt anything would go off as easily as it looks on TV.

I wouldn't co-sleep, but I don't really like co-sleeping anyway. I can barely sleep with my husband.

Other than that, I think Jon and Kate are doing a fabulous job. I sometimes feel a little bad for the older two girls, but other than that, I don't think I could improve on their system. I would struggle to compete.
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Originally Posted by JavaFinch View Post
Or Injectiable with just SEX - is that against religions, too? I thought it was just the handling of the sperm that was a no-no? I believe the McCaughey's had their IUI cancelled due to too many eggs and chose to have sex anyway, and they ended up with their 7 children.

Actually, I saw a program on it, and according to what they said their OB had done an ultrasound and only saw 4 follicles. So she OK'd them to have intercourse, figuring that maybe only half of them would take.

And, the ultrasound was taped....and they went over the tape afterwards and still only showed 4.
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As someone who's going to be undergoing an IUI in the new year, I've done a bit of reading about the incidence of multiple births (which is slightly elevated, for TWINS, with IUI, and insignificantly so for higher order multiples.)

FWIW, here's a north american statistic about sextuplets, both naturally-occuring and as a result of FTs. Lots are natural.


1989 there have been an average of 1.125 sets of sextuplets born each year in the USA.

32 out of 147 sets were reportedly spontaneously conceived, which is 21.77% of all sextuplet births (The number is high because of the high number of births I found of sextuplets in early centuries. Since fertility drugs, there have been only 6 sets that were reported as spontaneously conceived. (About 4% worth) (Dec 04)

Me, I've wrapped my head around the idea of having twins as a result of the IUI, and I'm fine with it. I've watched the show with the sextuplets, and, quite frankly, I'd freak. There is no way that we could provide a healthy, happy home for six children. I think the risks inherent to the babies and the mother carrying 6 are too high. I would selectively reduce to two or three.
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I would be terrified, not because of the logistics in raising the babies, but the fact that statistically they would likely have serious medical issues to deal with (at least some of them).

I know a woman who had triplets, not natural, BUT she breastfed all of them completely.

And, she made it to 37 weeks! : They were 7-8 pounds and she set all these records for her hospital for triplets, they were the largest!

What I thought was really wacked...I saw a show where they c-sectioned triplets at 33.5 weeks for no medical reason. Just a scheduled cesarean. I don't get this when I've known triplet moms to go 35-36 weeks. I mean, wouldn't you WANT them in there longer to avoid issues with prematurity?
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Originally Posted by Tigerchild View Post
I've got to say, as a twin mom...you're never the same with them as you are with singleton. And nursing is the easiest (at least barring latch problems and supply problems) part of the equation. Nursing the boys was no harder than nursing my girl.

However...just about everything else was. You simply do not have enough arms to be "the same" with your twins as you are with a singleton, particularly if you already have a singleton or two that needs you as well.
Oh, I understand that. I nannied for infant twins with an older brother, and while that isn't parenting, I had enough experience to know that it's different. I meant in the way of slinging/breastfeeding/co-sleeping As in I thought I could swing parenting 2 similar to how I do my one, but 6 would be a whole different ballgame
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I'd collapse from the shock

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea. As a Mum of an only, I can't imagine having even one more, let alone all those little ones.

I admire anyone who can commit to such a big family

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I really don't know how I would handle that many babies at once. I think there would have to be a schedule and a lot of organization to make sure everyone got attention and basic needs met. I think it would be easier to AP after the children are toddlers.

I would need help... maybe convince my parents to share a house with us to help out.
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Originally Posted by wannabemoms View Post
There is no way that we could provide a healthy, happy home for six children. I think the risks inherent to the babies and the mother carrying 6 are too high. I would selectively reduce to two or three.
This is me, too.

I feel the same way about having a third: I just could not parent in the way that I would want and it would not be fair to inflict my issues on my kids in that way. So, with two marvelous, high (special)-needs kids....I am done.
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I watch my nephew who is about the same age as dd (20 months) and this is really hard. i just couldn't do it with more. if I really was in the situation, i guess I would just do what I could.

So in an imaginary scenario:

I would breastfeed. I would pump, perhaps hire a mom with extra milk to donate. If this was not enough, I would get a goat and feed the babies goat's milk as a supplimant. I really would not want to use formula. Of course dh would have to do the milking! I would probably want to wean around a year with that many.

I would most definately hire a helper or two.

I don't think I would try to cosleep. that would just be too much. i would try to gently get them to sleep on their own as early as possible.

i would have a baby room where they could be let loose and not get into ANYTHING.

I would cloth diaper untill they start solids. Try to potty traain asap.

I juat don't think it is natural to have that many babies, really. But at daycare centers the ratio is like 6:1 so daycare workers deal with this many kids on a regular basis.
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I'd move house... one bedroom and an office just wouldn't cut it anymore!

I'd definitely BF as much as possible, and move heaven and earth to get donated breastmilk to supplement. Luckily, having sextuplets is the kind of thing which gets you on the news, so I'm sure getting the word out wouldn't be difficult. I understand a lot of higher-number multiples get freebies too, which is nice! I don't think there have ever been sextuplets in NZ before, so--fame!

I'd do as much cosleeping, babywearing etc as possible, but I'm sure a LOT of my ideals would fall by the wayside, and pretty darn quick! To be honest, it would be an incredibly, tremendously, mind-bogglingly hard thing to do... I'm pro-life so there's no way I'd abort some of my babies, but it would be absolutely bare survival mode for the next X years.

And I think my new house would have to be fenced! And have an inordinate number of bathrooms... actually, designing a sextuplet-friendly house would be kinda fun. If I were rich, of course...
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I wouldn't HAVE sextuplets, I'd reduce.

They're too likely to die, be sick, and then you can't parent them effectively.

Having 6 is not even a possiblity for me since I do not believe in IVF.
This is just all my opinion. It is not meant to offend.
Not offensive, but amusing. You don't get sextuplets fomr IVF, you get sextuplets from IUI.
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Originally Posted by phatchristy View Post

What I thought was really wacked...I saw a show where they c-sectioned triplets at 33.5 weeks for no medical reason. Just a scheduled cesarean. I don't get this when I've known triplet moms to go 35-36 weeks. I mean, wouldn't you WANT them in there longer to avoid issues with prematurity?
Apparently at that point they do better out than in. I assume space and other resources are justtoo stretched at that point? If they've stopped growing inside then I'd want them out, too.
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