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Washington Post article - Serious vax reaction from DTP

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Imagine my surprise when I was flipping through our Washington Post this past Sunday (about as conservative as newspapers get, being in D.C. and all) and came across this article on a vax reaction.

Of course any mention of pharma/medical establishment culpability has omitted, and it's completely remiss in taking the not-so-big next step of questioning the safety of vaccines in general : , but nevertheless I was happy to see it in my local, VERY MAINSTREAM paper.

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Hmmm, whooping cough or serious, irreversible brain damage....it's so hard to decide....NOT!

Thanks for posting this link!
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This story is unbelievable. For a couple reasons.

First it is unbelievably painful to read. I had to skip over sections because it hit my heart and I just can't afford to cry today (I'm under a deadline)

and it is unbelievabe because they FRIGGIN' PRINTED IT!

As much as it pained me to read it it is also so good that it is out there and at a time when there is so much pro-vax stuff in the news. Just this last week there was the other article about pertussis... and how a child almost died... I think we know that story...

but this is the kind of story that needs to be out there.

I just hope and pray that there is a mom in the DC area who considers this her regional paper and has been on the fence about the DPT vaccine and doesn't know why...but today she read the paper and maybe a ding goes off in her... just something in her gut. And this will be the one that makes her do more reserach. Maybe she will find us here.

I know that I had a gut feeling about DPT...and of course, I have someone in my real life whose daughter is 8 but has the mind of a 1 year old after her reaction to DPT.

I don't know..I can say it so easily and type it so easily in this forum but don't let that belie my true emotions. I'm crushed for my friend and his daughter as I am for this mom.

I'm not surprised the post printed it...they know how much eli lily and the other pharms are entrenched in the politicos and this is just a great way to say ....'take that."

i'm rambling. I'm rambling so I don't burst into tears.
thanks for the article.
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Thanks for posting this ......... very powerful.
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I know... this article had me completely shaken. Not just from the horrible consequences for poor little Porter (in the photo at the top of the page of him with his sister, he looks so angelic), but for his entire family... his neglected sister, his parents' eventual divorce. Heartwrenching.

At the same time, I finished this article feeling like... OK, this is awful, but if only the Post had taken that teeniest of next steps and come to a conclusion or two about the risks of vaxing in general, or even questioned their safety. Not just a sad story, but an article with a point.
To underscore what I mean, the article starts off with this as the very first sentence:

"This is the lesson you don't get in the parenting books: Sometimes bad things happen from doing the right thing for your baby."

Umm... I think the take away message from this article is that sometimes bad things happen from doing risky and unecessary things to your baby.

Sorry... feeling jaded today. But yeah I get that it's a step in the right direction to publish this stuff at all.
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I can't even put into words...

One question, did I miss where she says wether or not she decided to vax her new baby, Jackson?
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