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So how often do my babies need "well baby" visits if no vax???

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I feel like I schlep my twins to the doctor's office all the time. During the first few months, we were there like once every week or two... I thought it was because they were born early, but even after they were thriving, we still went in. Then it became every 2 months... for no apparent reason, except that's the exact vax schedule. Now we seem to be on a once every 3 months schedule.

But.... they're healthy as horses. We JUST HAD the "1 year checkup". They were fine. We declined MMR and Varicella "until later".

Now we have another appointment in 2 weeks... the "15 month checkup".

What the heck is this?? If we're not vaxing, do we need this check-up??? :

If there's a medical reason why a pediatrician should see healthy babies every 3 months, fine. But is it just for the vaxes?
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We don't vax and go yearly. I want records that I have medical care and am not neglectful. But Riley is healthy and thriving and I don't want to expose her to germs in the office and myself to the annoying staff...lol
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Our 4 yo son hasn't had a well-child check since 7 months of age (M)

We followed the routine (mindlessly, 'cause it was simply what people do) of well-baby checks and vaccinations, right on schedule.

If you'd asked us, back then, our opinions of anyone that did NOT vaccinate or see the doctor regularly, we probably would have replied, "They're nuts, risking their children's health like that!"

At Graham's well-baby check, at the tender age of 7 months, he was pronounced in perfect form. Exclusively breastfed, I inwardly ignored the doc's suggestion that we could start him on solids, knowing, by then, that the more breastmilk he received, the better.

The nurse then came in to give him his vaccinations. OPV, HepB, Hib & the DTP. Bam-bam-bam, they were done.

Within 30 seconds, he had his life-threatening reaction to one (or, more) of the vaccines he received. A 1/2 "normal" office visit turned into a terrifying 3 hours, finishing with his recovery. We were warned to take him to the ER, IMMEDIATELY, if anything seemed amiss.

After this, we began our research into vaccines, and swore he'd NEVER get another. We also had to deal with the doctor's exclusion of the reaction being mentioned in his medical records. Upon getting copies of all G's medical records, we saw how much information was simply never added (lot #s of vaccines, manufacturer's, etc, plus much, much more).

As a result, we have a great distrust of much of the medical community. We questions everything now, not just taking for granted that "doctor knows best".

In my personal opinion, well-baby checks, if you are NOT vaccinating, are a waste of time and money. We have excellent insurance, so money is not an issue for us. We feel we are more than capable of noticing any changes in our son (or, ourselves!), and reacting accordingly.

There are a zillion books out there about child development, and I can read them just as easily as any physician. With the Internet, the information is easily accessible.

We have a doctor that we know, and can see, if ever needed. So far, it hasn't been needed.

By the way, he's never been sick. He doesn't live in abubble, and goes everywhere with me, being exposed to pretty much all the world has to offer!

Only you know if they are "right" for your children.

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Dd, who is unvaxed, stopped going to well baby visits at 17 months which was actually "the 15th month" visit. (We didn't start them until 3 or 4 months.) She turns 3 next month and has not been to the doctor since.....She has had 3 mild illnesses in this time (Roseola, a cold with persistent cough, which I too had (not pertussis), and just recently the stomach flu). The cough and the flu were "going around" the island and I was with my midwife at the time of roseola, so I had plenty of experienced mamas around me with advice and reassurrance.
Our pediatrician until 17 months was awesome, very open-minded and so cool with dd and non-vaxing. Now we live here and vaxing is SO promoted...I am dreading a visit if ever, to the doctor. Hoping in time, a referrel with an open-minded dr. will come.
It is my belief that western medicine has its merits, but it is not in the area of nutrition and preventative care. That I can do with plenty of experienced people around me, alternative care pros, and books, internet, and MDC!!!
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I think it should be whatever you are comfortable with.

The first year of ds's life, we went in about every three months. Then, after he was a year, we only go once a year, unless there's a sickness reason to go. I'm like Riley's mom, I take both he and dd in so if we're ever questioned for not vaxing, we have records that we weren't neglectful.

Dd was born a little early, so for the first 6 months we were in there every month. It was mostly for my reassurance, she was in perfect health. Since she's been a year, she only goes in once a year as well.

We don't vax, our ped supports our choices, and he said there's no reason to come in every 4-6 weeks or whatever if you're not vaxing, and as long as the child is healthy.
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Go when you want to, and don't go when you don't want to!

My DD is not vaccinated and I've been avoiding the docs like the plauge lol I have a good naturopath and chiropractor which we go to if needed.

Well baby checkups in my opinion are a crock of $hit : ) They seem to coincide with the vaccination schedule too and I think as a mother I WOULD know if my baby had something wrong with her! I don't need a doctor to tell me that my baby is healthy and that I should of started solids by now and put her to sleep in a cot! Since when do doctors give parenting advice?
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My dd's 2 yr visit is tomorrow. One of the main reasons I'm going - don't vax- is to ask her questions about GBS infected babies she's seen (was positive with dd and want to avoid antibiotics with babe to be in December) and about necessity of vitamin K. (doing a lot of research - great help from here). I'll deliver in a woman's & babies hospital where she isn't on staff. Just preparing for an argument with on staff Ped. about Vit. K.

But I have a question for you .... When signing the vaccination waver form for the ped's office I did not write "Religions exemption" Instead I wrote something about doing research on side effects. Should I write up a religious exemption quoting PA law and request that it be placed in dd's file? I know that I have the right to admend her file according to the HIPAA laws (have to deal with all that gov't crap at work). I know the religious exemption is basically for public school - pub. ed. is last on our list of choices.

What do you think?
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Thank you everyone for info. It's what I suspected -- as long as they're healthy, no need to trek in there all the time and risk getting some resistant illness by sitting next to the sick rooms. Though I like your ideas about going every so often anyway just to show I'm not a bad mommy! :

Waterdrinker -- it is my understanding that the whole waiver issue is only an issue with regard to schooling (or daycare, preschool, etc.). So if dd is only 2 y.o. and home with you, you don't need a waiver. If dd is in any sort of daycare or preschool, then you will need a waiver, whatever sort is available in PA. I'm pretty sure it's really none of the pediatrician's business what you do from a school perspective. They don't need to know about the Religious Waiver or whatever. If they make you sign some sort of "If my child gets Chicken Pox and dies I will not sue my pediatrician" type of "waiver" for their own internal office records, that's a different story. But the two types of waivers have nothing to do with each other. Does this make sense? Did this answer your question?
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About the waiver in the ped's office, I agree with Twin Mommy.

If you file a religious exemption for school, but it's not in your peditrician's records, that doesn't matter. The school cannot just waltz into the ped's office and demand to see the child's records. It doesn't work that way. Or any other organization for that matter. Medical records are private.

If for some reason someone wanted to see your dd's medical records, you would have to authorize them to do it, with a signature. But even then, there would still be restrictions.

If you wanted to put the religious exemption with your ped office records, you could just tell you doctor that in the years since you had dd, you discovered it was against your religious beliefs to vaccinate, and wanted a copy of your exemption letter in her files.

Or something like that.
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My son is 10 months and has been to the ped 2 times. Once when he was 2 weeks old just to check up on him/weigh him. We dont vax and he was healthy so I didnt take him back in until he was 7 months. He was wheezy so I took him in. Cold. That was the only time he was sick so we havent been back. He had a fever the other day of 103 so I almost took him but then I thought, if he has a fever, that means his body is doing his job and fighting something off. The next morning he was all better, no more fever, no sickness so I never did take him. I have no problems taking him to the doctors if he is sick but I am not going to take him "just because." I weigh and measure him at home.
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I take my kids in for WCC.I don't always follow the schedule.Lately I have with ds since the state is paying for it,and it is always nice to hear the ped say how extrememly healthy my unvaccinated kids are
.I don't think there was a time I ever took them in when they were ill.Figured why expose them to more. Most of the time I end up doing home herbal care even when there is an injury/illness that I got an opinion on-like for ds's cut thumb,dd's infected toe or eye.

We are switiching to private insurance in October,and it will be interesting to see what it is like(never had insurance).Personally I feel health insurance is such a scam.We will pay close to 400 a month,and for what????
I would rather pocket the money or spend it on educational activities/trips with the kids.Tell me is that the norm cost of medical insurance for a family(87 for medical,2 for dental and 1 for eyes-taken out weekly)????

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Sara, we pay 400 a month for 3 of us. My husband is free through his work and me and my ten month old son are 400. Its very expensive since we dont even use it BUT should I get cancer or something bad happen I am glad I have it. I have a relative who went off insurance 3 months ago and figured she would save money by just paying for dr visits when she was sick who now has breastcancer and is getting chemo/ surgery/tests all the time and doesnt have the funds to pay for it. Now she has to go a crappy county hospital and wait longer amounts of time which is so unfair. I dont like insurance either but I will always have it.
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I have taken ds to all well baby visits. We have not vaxed.
I don't know. I am okay with going. DS now turned two and the appointment will go to once every six months.

We're there for about 30 minutes.

anyway, it is close to home.
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I went about once a year with my older children.

W/ #4, I haven't been there in years.

But if I need a doctor, I have one. A good one.
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Dd's 2 yr. visit was yesterday. I "practice" arguments in the shower about not vaxing. Of course, I always win. The nurse asked "Interested in vaccinations?" We said "no." She said, "Is she on flouride?" We said "no." She said, "Interested?" We said, "no." End of discussion. Ped. never brought it up. All that "arguing" for nothing. Guess we should count our blessings that our Ped. is fine with our decision. No one makes us feel like we're "quacks."

Did ask the Ped. about Vitamin K shot. Sounds more like a CYA injection than something of necessity.

We just want to have a good relationship with a Ped. "just in case." Dd has had some high fevers, but never took her to the office, and she is perfectly healthy. We're blessed
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I have an unvaxed 6 year old who has only been to the docs 2 times. Once for strept throat. Which tested positive for bacteria and I allowed antibiotics. Another time for her pre-ginderaten check up. She went to the ER once for a 3 inch splinter in her foot. It was right under the skin but I couldn't get it. Declined TD shot then. Bleed it in the ER some and then soaked her foot in epsom salts water. Kept it clean. She was 4 then. She was three with the strept throat. No well baby visits.

I knew how fast she was growing thru clothes! She was breast fed exclusively for a year. Then continued till 24 months.

My 22 month old has never been to a well baby check. Been to the ER for Wheezing. diagnosed with Reactive Airway disease. Put on bronchio-dialtors. Which we havent used since he was 11 months old. No other incedents. Went to the gp once for what - I can't remember. Still breast fed.

16 year old - vaxed. went to all well babies. Had one ear infection. Nursed to 2 years.

9 year old vaxed behind schedule due to ear infections. Developed autism because of mercury. Pulling mercury out!! And his health is steadily improving.!!! In constantly to docs in early life.
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A little T

Stacie, I'm just so glad to hear that things are improving for your child. Yay! It's such good news.

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