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Originally Posted by ladyslipper View Post
I loved the Advent elf too, I am trying to reproduce it myself because I don't want to pay that price. I'll post a picture if I come close to the cuteness of the kathy kruse elf.
I am almost finished with the advent elfdoll inspired by the kathy kruse advent elf. I just need to put numbers on it. My niece loves pink so it has alot of pink in it. Here is the picture:

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Originally Posted by adtake View Post
What am amazing thing to do with left over, lost socks!! I LOVE THIS!! going to share with moms group!!
I may do this tomorrow!
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i made this advent elf last year. ladyslipper- i love how you went original with yours. i more or less copied the picture in Magic Cabin exactly. If you have made a Waldorf style doll before, it actally is not that hard. I made the head and body, being more precise with teh head than the body, because the body was covered up in clothes. i went to Goodwill to get red/green clothes of different fabrics. i ended up only having room for 12 pockets, which i did not #. That was the hardest part. this year i have 2 kids who need little gifts, and the pockets are not big. we only do starting from 12 days before christmas; i have to fit 2 little things in each pocket, so i do mostly small treats, stickers, etc... i would post a pic, but my computer is dead where the photos are.
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Thanks again for all of the wonderful ideas! I'm out of town right now, but will post a pic of my stocking garland when I get home
I'm so glad others are enjoying this thread, too:

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I just got The Christmas Craft Book by Floris books from the library, and it's got a beautiful advent calendar in it. It is basically a gold ladder against blue cardstock. You make a baby Jesus out of beeswax (or wool, or wood, etc.) and lower Him one rung at a time toward a cradle made out of a walnut shell. You also add one gold star to the sky every day. I'm sure I'm not describing it well, but it is lovely, easy, and really gets the theme of "expectation" across. I think I'll do one next year.
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I realize it's a few days late, but I finally finished out advent "calendar" yesterday. It is very simple. I just stamped 24 red envelopes (well 23 by the time it was done) with numbers. I hung a white ribbon that I had knotted about every 9 inches, with 2 "tails" from the top of molding on the side of a doorway. I used green and red paper clips to attach the envelopes to the ribbon knots. All the materials were things I had around the house.
Inside are all kinds of notes. On a few days there are small gifts to open and on other days there are hints on what we will do to celebrate that day.
It was fun to do and this one was pretty low-budget.
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