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allergic reaction to band-aid

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This ones for me. I had a bandaid on for about 45 minutes yesterday morning. 24 hours later and it still looks like I was burned. Seriously, I've got a bright red bandaid shaped mark on my neck. Trouble is that its actually feeling worse today not better.

Any clues as to what I could put on it to stop the burning feeling and maybe bring the redness down. I've bathed and gotten off any residue, but my skin is very angry.

And I think the question as to whether or not I have a real and possibly serious latex sensitivity has been answered. Its definitely getting worse.
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Take some benadryl and see if that helps (only do this if you have someone else with the kids cause it can make you loopy!) Also, call your doctor (allergist if you have one) and let them know what is going on. At the very least, they'll mark it in your chart, at the worse they'll want you to be seen.

Hope you're feeling better soon!
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I find lavendar essential oil great on burns or irritations. I'd do that in addition to the benadryl.
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I hope it's better. I get that when I use latex bandaids, but not as badly as your describing. When I have to have an IV, I have to request paper tape and that helps a lot opposed to the normal tape. If you have a latex problem, that often cross reacts w/ bananas, kiwis, and melons I believe.
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I'm allergic to latex and band-aids do that to me. I have to use latex-free ones now. Get checked for latex allergy ASAP, I'd recommend. Be careful. Try some vitamin E on it, it's soothing to some people.

And stay away from Shea Butter. It has naturally-occurring latex in it. it causes all sorts of problems if you're allergic to latex.
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I've found that aloe helps. Ditto the shea butter recommendation.
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I have an allergy to teh adhesive in bandaids, so it might be that you are allergic to that and not latex.
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I'm pretty sure its the latex. I've been having increasing sensitivity to it from various sources - and I've had surgery twice this year that even though they followed latex free protocols in the operating room, the stuff is still absolutely everywhere in the hospital so I've gotten exposed quite a bit recently. It turns out that I've been using latex free bandaids without making an effort to do so, the kind I chose just happened to be latex free, but the box we bought most recently wasn't latex free - serves me right for changing brands. I've had to avoid the big obvious latex things like condoms and gloves for about a decade now, but I'm starting to have to pay attention to less obvious sources. I had a similar burn reaction to an ace bandage (the kind used for a sprain) recently.

I resorted to a steroid cream. It took away the burning sensation and alot of the redness. you can still see a bandaid shape on my neck, but its not nearly as pronounced as before.
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Band aids

I know from experience to be extra cation on what I use with my children I have 3 but 2 are allergic to latex my youngest daughter is so bad that now she has white caps on all of her teeth because the dentist office had so much residue from latex that ever time she would go there she would break out and swell up really bad so the dentist took her to the OR and had her sedated so he could cap all her teeth because he was afraid of her having a really bad reaction. I know our hospital here the Or rooms are all set up latex free due to the high number of people now allergic to it. Some other things you might watch out for are the elastic in any clothing, pencil erasers, diapers, anything with a rubber consistency (what our ENT told us) stickers medical tape it's in so many things now days. I have to say thanks to which ever told about the Shae butter I had no idea that it had a natural latex in it.
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My DD doesn't have a problem with latex, but does with the glue. She went through a phase where she was sticking bandaids all over herself, until she got all sorts of square rashes all over from the adhesive. I asked the doctor and they said a lot of people have reactions to the glue....
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Originally Posted by the_lissa View Post
I have an allergy to teh adhesive in bandaids, so it might be that you are allergic to that and not latex.
Me, too.
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I have similar things happen when using bandaids-or that stretchy sticky stuff they put on after getting blood drawn, but i think mine is a adhesive allergy. I also once had my throat swell after licking a strange envelope. But, it does make me concerned about latex so whenever they ask at dr. offices, I always mention the sensitivity.
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I've noticed that DC and I also break out from certain band-aids. I think it's from the glue also. I don't think it's a latex allergy because I'm not sensitive to condoms and other latex items.
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I think my son has a latex sensitivity. He's had reactions to the adhesive in bandaids, but the other day he blistered where the pad was on the bandaid. It's not the first time I've used this brand, but the first time I've used a bandaid on an open sore instead of just covering a mosquito bite to protect it from toddler scratching. How do I get him tested?
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DS1 is allergic to the adhesive, here. No reaction to latex that I've noticed.
On a similar note, I have a friend whose ex was allergic to peanuts and couldn't use certain brands because of the lubricant. They ended up in hospital one night because she gave him a different brand than he usually used.
Being allergic to Band-aids sucks, especially if you're a kid. DS1 *really* wants those cutesie bandages with the characters on them like his friends have and all he gets is gauze and medical tape.
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I think that those adhesive compounds are often corn based.
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My kids and I are allergic to the adhesive in any of the plastic ones (latex or non) and get those red marks-- but we can use most of the flexible fabric ones.
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The glue in some (the brown type) bandaids dissolves part of my skin, so when you try to remove it, it leaves an open sore, arrrrgh...
I've had a mark on my back from where they taped the epidural to me that took over a year to vanish! I found calendulan salve soothes the burning and speeds up healing (we put that on every sore we have, it's just great stuff )
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My family doc thinks I should get my son tested, so I'm going to work at that, but I'd like to know what things I shoudl avoid inthe meantime for latex. Obviously those bandaids I used and balloons, but what else?
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Originally Posted by MamaMonica View Post
My kids and I are allergic to the adhesive in any of the plastic ones (latex or non) and get those red marks-- but we can use most of the flexible fabric ones.
The flexible fabric ones give me more trouble.
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