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quitting nano

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I'm seriously thinking of quitting Nano. I am too stressed out about it, and we came home from a week long trip sunday sick. So I feel like crap and am barely writing and that makes me feel more like crap. I don't deal well with "having" to do something. I hoped this would be a different thing, but it really isn't. I have only 3200 words and really don't want to write. I don't like my story, (it feels more like essays that a novel) and if I'm going to write would rather be writing the other story I've been thinking about for years but had already written some pages for.

So, I'm thinking about quitting nano, but starting back on the story that I really am more prepared for no matter how long it takes me. I do like the thought of everyone else going through the same thing, but not enough to deal with the stress of making myself do this with everything else that's going on in our life.

Anyone understand or feel similiarly(how the ***do you spell that word)?
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I'm sorry to hear that, but if it has become a point of stress for you and you are not enjoying it, then I understand. It should be fun, not stressful, at least not stressful in a bad way.

Happy writing your other story!
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I felt the same way yesterday--then I told myself it was okay to end up with 30,000 words or less--it's okay if i don't win! I ended up with a cooperative baby and a good writing day today, and I'm sticking it out. I may or may not win, but I'm working on this thing until December either way!

Do what's best for you, but realize it's okay not to win and maybe try to push through a couple more days and see if you feel any better about it.

Good luck either way!
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the point of NaNo is to have support and to get yourself writing. If that means working on another story - just start your word count from wherre you are. If that means you only write 150 words a day, then that's cool too. reaching 50K is a perk, but not really all that important. I mean really, people who reach 50K get no more than bragging rights. Which, well, isn't really worth stressing about. n Enjoying yourself and trying is far more important, in my mind, than actually getting to 50K. Write what you want. Ditch the story you don't like and write when you can. And if you feel like it is too much, then stop. There isn't anyone to report to but you. I feel the same way about "having" to do something that you do - and I bargained with myself that if this became too much and felt like having to do homework, that I wold stop. No point in making myself cranky for something that is suppoosed to be fun.
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Ahh, life is so...irritating sometimes.

Just write the one you want to work on! I'd let the other one go. Don't quit, just rethink. You might have a few food days and catch up, or you might come in under. So what? How amazing that we're even trying!
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Okay, I hear ya!

I won't admit this again, anywhere, but as on right now I'm only at 3775 words.

If you want to stop your current story, then stop! Work on the story you want to write, and enjoy yourself. And something I have to keep reminding myself of is that there is no punishment for not reaching 50k. The Word Count Secret Police won't come into my home and lock up my word processing software because I'm unworthy of it, ailens aren't going to make a nest inside my walls and eat from the inside out until I admit that this whole writing thing just isn't for me after all. Likewise, there's not ticker tape parade of people who love and are proud of me, no keys to cities, and dinner will not magically start making itself if I win.

This is a deeply personal and selfish project and the only people we can disappoint or let down is ourselves.
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Originally Posted by Red View Post
Ahh, life is so...irritating sometimes.

Just write the one you want to work on! I'd let the other one go. Don't quit, just rethink. You might have a few food days and catch up, or you might come in under. So what? How amazing that we're even trying!
Mmmmm foooddd....Must have snack....
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I'm behind and have had some incredibly life-changing and stressful events happen this month. I've decided that I'm doing this for ME, not for some external entity, and that if I need to take until the end of December to finish 50,000 words, then so be it. But I WILL write at least 50,000 words.

Ditch the story you don't like, but keep it at the end of the word document you write in and count it toward your word count. Nano is all about output. It doesn't have to be cohesive or perfect or finished or even on time.
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I quit as well...don't feel bad.
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i'm right there with you! i mean look at my word count. still, i'm going to try and fit in a write-a-thon...
keep your fingers crossed.
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I'm out too. I know I can't make it to 50,000 by the end of the month.

But I'll still be working on my truly awful draft that I've scribbled so far.
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