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clueless... can you help/offer suggestions?

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I would love to become a "baby wearer", but I have no idea what I'm doing. I've only ever seen one other person who does this - a dad, which was surprising and adorable to me.

Anyway, is there a place where I can get instructions on how to make something to wear my 5 week old dd in? Also, what is best if you have a shoulder issue? For some reason, I have a very painful left shoulder when it is put into a certain position or has to bear weight for any length of time. Oh, I am BF also, so if there is something that is easy for that, then that would be great to know.

Thank you in advance for your help!
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www.mamatoto.org is a great place to start for wearing instructions and make-it-yourself instructions.

www.sleepingbaby.net also has a wonderful ring sling pattern that's simple to make and quite comfy.

and you can't beat www.thebabywearer.com for all things babywearing related -- there are a bunch of helpful articles, you might want to start there.

good luck!
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I would suggest not making one unless you have really studied fabrics and the design you want. If you go to www.thebabywearer.com (as Quirky said) they have a ton of information. They do have a lot of how-to's, but like I said, you may just want to purchase a used one off of FSOT. There are a lot of different types of carriers.

For a 5 weeks old some love pouches and slings- others only use MT's (or other carriers.) I have had a 5lber in one of our MTs. In fact it was my little cousins who are twins and their mom (my cousin) and I both has a baby strapped to us! If you look at my blog in my siggy you will see some pics.

Also a good thing to know is if you buy a carrier off of the baby wearer and is a semi-known brand you should be able to sell it for what you paid (or close or more!) Carriers do not go down in value much!
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congrats on wanting to be a babywearer because, in no time, you'll be a pro.
as pps stated, thebabywearer has the most comprehensive info.

If I were you, I'd go with a wrap. Simple wrap like Moby or even a woven wrap (but those are a little more). Wraps are just wonderful for newborns and bfing. since you thought about making something, i'm assuming you know a little about fabrics and sewing. if you're confident, then make a wrap. Again, the DIY forum on tbw...kids are climbing on me. good luck!
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