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trabot, hilary, anybody???

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have any info on desensitizing?

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i had never even heard of desensitizing.....

I just did a little search on google and found this...


they said a lot of things about treatments causes, etc..and then I saw this:

. Consult Midwest Allergy Associates, Inc., 85 East Wilson Bridge Road, Worthington, Ohio 43085 (Telephone: 614-846-5944) for more details on a Hypersensitivity Testing and Desensitization Program.

You might want to call them for more info..

I'm totally in the dark on this topic, but if you want me to help research I will.

I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.

maybe hilary will know more... we just need her area of earth to be in daylight. It is nightime now. very late.

good luck
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thank you trabot, so far the 3 things i have read indicate it would be a good thing, i just wonder if three would be alternatives that would yield similar or better results

(you know, like on the surface, the majority of studies say that routine vax are a good thing.
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insider might be helpful on this one, too. pm him a link to this thread.
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According to my ped & allergist, desensitization to stings just doesn't work. Apparently it's a different process from other allergens. (Ds was allergic to fire ants when he was very little. We keep EpiPens, but have never had to use one.)

Edited to add that I just went back & read that you are talking about an adult. I think it could be a different situation with adults than children. If you go to either Pubmed or to the Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology site & search for something like "venom immunotherapy" or "hymenoptera desensitization" you should be able to find some things.
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thanx for the replies- i have gotten more info here in the past couple days than in the past few months of poking around myself. dh's epipens expire next month. reminder to go to pharmacy soon....
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