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Do people like fitted?

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I'm researching CD now to make the switch and I'm seeing mainly info about prefolds, pockets, and AIOs. Am I missing the rave reviews about fitted diapers or is there a reason people don't like them as much?
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Oh goodness, LOTS of people love fitteds. They're consistently #1 in the polls I've done about which kind of diaper people like best. They're easier to use and more poop-proof than prefolds, but unlike with pockets and AIOs you get your choice of whether you use a cover or not, and you can use whatever kind of cover you want.
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Oh, I thought with fitted that you HAD to use a cover. I didnt' realize you had an option. Why would you choose to wear one if you don't need to? And I'm not sure what you mean by being able to pick whatever kind of cover you want. Can you not do that with prefolds? Sorry - I'm new to all of this so excuse the confusion! :
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There are different types of covers, from traditional PUL covers to wool, even fleece (and yes, you can use fleece pants in polyester). I LOVE the fitteds we have, because they're a little more fun and playful than the traditional PUL diapers. That being said, I rely mainly on my OS PUL diapers. They're just more cost effective for me. But when I buy fitteds, I search Hyena cart for the cutest ones I can find, from my favorite list of designers.
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I love fitteds. Kissaluvs or WAHM made ones are my favorites. I use wool as covers. I wub wool.
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I like fitteds for my newborn, and I've been using them sans cover as training pants for my toddler. Without a cover, you have to change them more often (every pee, really) which you probably should be doing anyway, but it's a lot less convenient when you're out and about, but without a cover is more breatheable, so better if you're prone to rashes and in the summer. Plus, you can use different types of covers, which you can't really use with pockets or aios (you wont' see wool pockets, I'm betting, but I could be crazy), but they're better poop-catchers than prefolds.
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I love fitteds. I wish I had more. I have been thinking about trying a one size since they are expensive to buy with each size change but I haven't yet.
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I love my fitteds! Actually my swaddlebes!! THe only problem I have with them is they don't always fit under ds pants like pockets do and you have to use a cover. Sometimes I don't have time to put a cover on before my ds is trying to roll off the table and screamming at the top of his lungs!!. WHen its one of those days I use pockets!
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Fitteds (and prefolds/flats) are not waterproof without a cover. You can use them coverless, but your lap may get damp when they pee. Many people still prefer to go coverless some of the time.

Fitteds are great, but too pricey for me. And, imo, too difficult to clean properly. That is why I prefer prefolds and flats. But, I would far prefer fitteds to pockets or AIO, because I don't like the materials in those diapers. I like to use cotton and wool, and that means fitteds/prefolds/flats and wool.
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Many people do love fitteds. The are better at containing poop than prefolds/flats but still wash more easily than pockets/aios. Plus you can chose what cute cover you want to go over them--such as wool or even go coverless while you are at home.
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Fitted diapers are my favorites! They hold in the poo great and they come in every color, fabric, shape and style possible. I almost gave up cding after struggling with the diaper service prefolds and cheap-o wraps. Then I discovered fitted diapers and wool and my love affair with cloth diapering began!
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I really like the look and function of fitteds. The price is definitely something to consider compared to prefolds. However, my biggest complaint is that the elastic can break down if washed for too long on hot sanitary washes. And shot elastic is a very common problem if they have been stored for any length of time. I bought some kissaluvs used off ebay last year and after using them for a month the elastic disintegrated in them all. Very disappointing. I'm worried to see how my other fitteds will work when I pull them out for the next baby.
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Originally Posted by Juliacat
Oh goodness, LOTS of people love fitteds. They're consistently #1 in the polls I've done about which kind of diaper people like best. They're easier to use and more poop-proof than prefolds, but unlike with pockets and AIOs you get your choice of whether you use a cover or not, and you can use whatever kind of cover you want.
I've had every kind of diaper out there and fitteds are far and away my favorite. They're SO easy to use and so cute and so absorbent and so good at containing poop and I can put a pull-up wool cover over them. ::
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I love fitteds, especially for newborn poo because prefolds just don't cut it, in my experience. I like to make my own, so the $$$ is not a factor for me, and when Ben's running around the house, I don't usually use a cover. When I use fitteds, I usually use a wool cover. Oh, and I like fitteds with a snap-in soaker or a petal type soaker so that they dry faster and are easier to clean. Most WAHM fitteds are made this way.

The downside with fitteds - by the time I get done snapping them on, he's off and running, so if I do need to put on a cover (esp. a pull-on), it's usually not a pretty situation. The other thing I don't like about fitteds, is that a fitted/cover combo looks pretty bulky to me and don't fit as well under clothes.

As he gets older, I tend to use AIOs and pockets with Aplix because he hates diaper changes that much. I make AIOs with hidden PUL that are every bit as cute as fitteds. I don't know why I care so much what they look like when they're covered up with clothes.

SAHM to Andrew (2) and Ben (1)
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I love fitteds too! I've used various fitteds for my girls from birth through potty learning. Right now, my two year old is in a pocket fitted (Happy Hempy with fleece) stuffed with microfiber, and covered with a stacinator stretch wool cover.
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Fitteds were more expensive and they grew out of them too fast ...so I just used fitteds when I was going to be on the run (not at home) because they were convenient...otherwise I prefer prefolds.
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I loved fitteds when I only had one or two kids.

Now, with a baby in diapers, and two older kids to run after, I prefer the quickness of pockets.
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I was just going to come here and ask what the advantage of fitteds is!

I switched to prefolds and covers for money reasons with this baby and b/c I'm sick of microfleece repelling on my pockets. Now I'm trying to use all natural fibers as well with wool covers, and I see a lot of fitteds on the wool websites. I didn't get the appeal. Pricier than prefolds but not an aio. Seems like an aio and a cover. Thanks for the explanations though! I wish some of them were cheaper....I have a few AIOs for on the go, but fitteds I guess would be a cheaper option with the covers I already have for prefolds.

eta: oh I did use kissaluvs (duh I forgot that those are fitteds. I think of them as special newborn dipes. ) and I looooved those! Too bad we grew out of them in about five minutes.
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We use only prefolds, flats and fitted diapers. I really like our fitteds.
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Our stash is almost exclusively fitteds (we have a few AIO's for when ds wears jeans). The benefit to fitteds is that they are cheaper than AIO's, you can use wool over them instead of PUL (ds got heat rash with PUL) and in most cases they dry faster. In an AIO when the PUL wears out thats it, the diaper is done, with a fitted if a cover wears out you just buy a new cover (but wool wears a very long time, I've never had a wool cover wear out on me). And you can do fitteds under longies (wool pants) with no cover. And some moms enjoy allowing their children to run coverless at home and just changing as soon as they are wet. It lets the tush breath and allows you to know the second your child wets (good for potty learning). Now prefolds are cheaper, but they are a bit harder to use, they aren't as absorbant (depending on the brand of fitted anyway) and they usually aren't as much fun. Prefolds have a specific somewhat bulky shape, and alot of people find them incredibly intimidating. I have been cding for 4 yrs and just learned to really use a pf, and I am not super at it, dh won't do one at all. Also you can get fitteds in a one size system allowing you to go from birth to potty learned in the same fitteds, something you can't do with prefolds (some AIO's and pockets come in OS systems, but in my experience they wear out before the baby potty learns). The MEOS's for example can make it through multiple children birth to potty learned (though alot of people find them really bulky on tiny babies). Anyway in 4yrs I have used pretty much every system available. In the end I found that I really prefer fitteds and wool to any of the others. It isn't the simplest, but not the most difficult either. A nice middle ground, and so cute and fun to experiment with.
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