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Vegetarian Lasagna

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I'm having company this week, and one of them is vegetarian. I was figuring on making a regular lasagna and a vegetarian one - does anyone have a good recipe I could use? I need to make it for Friday (Nov 30). I believe that he is just "no meat", that eggs, dairy, etc. are okay. HELP!!!!! Thanks.
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I can't find the recipe we "use" but you mix one package frozen/defrosted spinich with a contanier of ricotta cheese, and use that for layering, we also put in a layer of any veggies we have on hand. such as steamed sauted mushrooms/zucchini/carrots/etc.
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I haven't got an exact recipe but the family all eat this :

what i do is chop & fry some onion, a bit of garlic & some grated carrots. Then throw in whatever is in season - grated pumpkin, chopped silver beet, chopped capsicums, chopped mushrooms etc. Fry a bit longer & add a can or so of tomatoes, some mixed herbs ( whatever italiany-type seasoning you like) cook for a while till it's a sauce. Add some tomatoe paste & a tiny touch of sugar to make it richer & more flavoursome.

Then create the lasagne with layers of pasta, tomatoe sauce, bechemal( sp? ) or white sauce until you get to the top of the dish. then you can grate some cheese on the top ( if you eat it ) & bung the whole lot in the oven & cook as for normal lasagne.
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I've made it 2 different ways.
1- as listed above, using spinach and ricotta for layering, then top withsauce, cheese, etc...bake as usual.
2- a somewhat alfredo sauce & vegi mixture for layering. I saute chopped carrots, broccoli, tomatos, spinach, & mushrooms until soft, then stir into a garlicy alfredo sauce, stir in some ricotta to thicken- use this for layering. I don't use red sauce on this one. I do top with cheese and sundried tomatos. It's my favorite of the 2 styles.
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Thanks guys. They all sound good. We just might be eating a lot of different lasagne this week!
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what about adding sauteed eggplant? We love veggie lasagna and usually add eggplant cuz it's one of family's favorites!
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Well, I did it! I used spinach, yellow and red peppers, onions and mushrooms, along with the sauce and ricotta cheese, and it was good!!! I much preferred it to my regular lasagna (which is also really good lol). Now all I have to do is convince my dh to try it, and then experiment with different veggies.
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