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mama vs. ped story to share

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Hi! I just have to share what our ped's office did today...
I called to cancel an appointment for the DTaP shot. I keep putting it off! This is the second time I've cancelled.
Well, the nurse got on the phone and told me the dr was concerned about the growth of my dd's head. She thinks it may be growing abnormally. The nurse said "We won't push you to vax, please don't let that stand in the way of seeking good medical care for your daughter."
So, I got nervous and decide to keep the appointment. She is my first and only 5 months old. Our regular ped is on vacation, so we see her partner. She comes in checks out the babe in 5 min. and tells me "not to worry, everything is fine... NOW about those vaxes...." aaargh! I've been ambushed!
I tell her, I am researching because I want to make the best decisions for my child's health. We went back and forth... then,
She turns to me and says "Well, instead of trying to make all these big decisions for your daughter, you should just accept the fact that there are smarter people than you out there working on this... and you should do what they tell you. I'd let the CDC tell me what to do"

Those were her exact words! Then she walked right out of the room. I couldn't believe it! I gathered up our stuff and left. When I got home I called our health insurance and filed for a new doctor. I think I'll call and leave a complaint at the other office too.

anyway, I just had to share that. Imagine!
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If - BIG "IF" - your dd's head was by chance not growing right, what would happen ?? What would this means in terms of her future life? What could they do to help ? Don't some people have small heads and some just happen to have "larger" heads compared to the general population. Why are we (society, in general) so obsessed with having identical body proportions to what the textbook says...... I think this is precisely why so many avoid well baby checks.
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oops! I posted this twice! If anyone knows how to delete one will you let me know? THanks!

Last minute, I should have known better. I thought that if her head was large it could be a sign of infection....???
But she's OK. Thank goodness.
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Sorry - didn't man to downplay any New Mami Concerns - it just sounds like you were indeed ambushed ....

ps. I know of one mami whose ds did have a um rather large-ish head. Turns out that's just the way he is. Your post brought back memories of the cruel remarks she received.

ps. To delete a double post you can send a private message to the moderators indicating (cutting and pasting) which one and the thread to which you are referring.

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no worries! I knew you didn't mean anything harsh. I was totally ambushed!
I agree that our society is way to focused on looks. And people can be so cruel. It's sad... and obnoxious.

thanks for telling me how to delete that other post.

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I responded to your post about facing the pediatrician, and told you I was also gearing up for that battle. This is so weird, but I brought my ds in for abnormal head shape too. Our pediatrician wasn't particularly concerned, said it would round out on its own. WRONG! but that's a subject for another thread.
Just to refresh your memory, my ds got his first shot of prevnar and dtp at his 6 month appt. that I had delayed because of prior illnesses. About a week after these shots, my ds developed a severe allergy to bug bites. I brought him back in because I was convinced he had scabies due to the intense itching and screaming.
At 7 months, he was due to go back to the ped for more vaxes, but of course, I cancelled. Two weeks later, I called the ped. for a referral to a neurosurgeon because I failed to see enough improvement in my son's head shape. We talked about plagiocephaly and his severe allergy, and then she brought up the fact that I had cancelled his appt for more shots. I was stunned at her insensitivity and her sense of priorities. I was concerned that my ds's head and face could be permanently deformed, and her biggest concern was that I've missed an appt. to get vaxes.
When she pushed the issue with me, I told her that in all likelihood, the vaccines caused my ds's bug allergy, and that there was no way I would put another needle into him until I have figured out what precipitated his sudden allergy. She tried to convince me that the appearance of the allergy was coincident with a sudden explosion of the mosquito population, but when I didn't buy it, she dropped it. I guess I should be grateful that she didn't try to insult my intelligence by telling me that there were smarter people than me at the CDC.
I can't believe a doctor would say that to you; I just hope that there are smarter people than HER making decisions for her family.
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OMG! I can't believe she said that. Actually, come to think of it, I can. I've had many insulting or inane things said to me by doctors. I agree that you should complain. I would send a complaint in writing to the practice manager so that it has to be addressed. I would let them know that's why you've changed pediatritions. Though, I suppose it will just teach them not to say what they're really thinking.
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That same CDC would tell you that my daughter's chronic hives that started approimately 8 days after her 2 month shots and didn't go away until 4 months later (two months after we abandoned vaccines altogether) had nothing to do with her shots and were a milk allergy.

Of course the subsequent flare up of hives approimately 8 days after her four month shots was totally unrelated and must have had something to do with the dairy someone snuck into my diet. . . uh huh. Totally.:

The CDC doesn't care if our kids get autism. Their business is the prevention of diseases - better living through chemicals, ya know?

Honestly - I'd write a letter of complaint to the doctor's office, carbon copy it to my INSURANCE PROVIDER, and maybe to whoever else I could think of!!! I'm so sorry you had to go through that!
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Thanks amnesiac! I hadn't thought of it that way. Although, when I called the ins company I simply told them I wanted a new dr because some friends recommended a good one to me. I didn't want to get into it with the customer service guy.
I was planning on sending the complaint to the health clinic where our ped was. But maybe the medical board would be better?
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I hope you do make complaint to the practice and cc it to the board or vice versa. I have had similar experiences and not done it and have regretted it. Next time, I will follow through, and unfortunately, I know there will be a next time.
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