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Another HA fan here, but right around the time DD turned 3 she got extremely opinionated about her clothes. Everything had to be a dress, and she wouldn't even wear the HA playdresses because the leggings were "pants." If we have another girl I'm going to try to brainwash her from the start. That stuff is just too cute.

Here's my take on baby clothes. I notice it is harder now to find GN stuff in stores than it was ~4 years ago. I think the manufacturers figure most people are having u/s and finding out. The GN stuff that's out there simply isn't as cute as the other stuff. What I really wish there would be is some super cute GN stuff in bright colors, but it's like when it comes to designing GN, they just say, "Oh, this will do" and don't put any effort into it.

But then, I tried to promote GN/tomboyish stuff with my DD, because that's how I dress, and she clearly prefers pink, flowers, and dresses. Oh well!

elleystar, to answer your question - with DD we were told they thought she was a girl but they weren't sure. So for the purposes of buying things we stuck with mostly GN, and a lot of people held off w/ gender-specific gifts until after she was born. I was glad, actually, because we had such a flood of pink stuff in gifts that the GN stuff we had helped to balance it out. All of the non-clothing stuff we also did GN, and we had already decided on a GN/primary color theme in her room that would be OK either way. I can't think of anything where I really wished we had done it differently as far as GN vs. gender-specific stuff. It all worked out.
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I'm an end of april gal...so my ultrasound won't be until next month sometime. We are doing it to make sure everything is as it should be, which will make DH must more comfortable about homebirth.

We are not finding out gender. We found out with our daughter and did the whole 'buy pink' thing, but with our son we did not find out...and having DH cry it out to me after catching the babe was just so amazing.

I don't buy anything but short/long sleeved onsies, little sweat pants and some Ts (short and long sleeve) before the babe is born- maybe some Pjs, too. We learned with DD that its just not necessary to have anything else for a while. So if people/we wanted to buy frilly or cutsie outfits, we just tell them to wait and buy after the babe is born and get older clothes.

Simple clothes, IMO, make breastfeeding, diaper changes, and all that stuff that gets easier later but is hard at first a lot more simple in those first months.

As for decorating the room that will one day be the babe's; we plan on having the whole family help once we know if it is a girl or boy. It will be a fun bonding project for us, and the babe won't be using it for a long while anyway.
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Mine is today in 3 hours. We weren't going to find out but my dh got sent out of town last night so I will probably find out because when they ask I won't be able to say don't tell me.

I really want to know!!
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Just had mine on Wednesday. We aren't finding out the sex. The tech didn't say much, so I guess I'll have to wait until my next MW appt to learn more.
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Ours is the 26th, I'll be exactly 20 weeks.

I'm more looking forward to seeing DH's face and reaction when we see the baby than my own, that will be fun! We're not finding out the sex, and even if an "oops" happens, we wouldn't tell anyone else. I like the surprise, even for the other people around us.

I was sort of ambivalent about an U/S (as was my midwife), but I think hubby will start to get more in tune with what's going on, it's still just an idea to him, ya' know?
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MY dh showed up at my appt yipeee. We found out its a healthy baby boy! I am so happy. Everything is GREAT! Heart chambers are good everything looks good.

I am in love with him already.
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Originally Posted by Meksmama View Post
MY dh showed up at my appt yipeee. We found out its a healthy baby boy! I am so happy. Everything is GREAT! Heart chambers are good everything looks good.

I am in love with him already.
Awww! Congratulations!!
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Congrats Melanie!

My IP's just e'd me. They want to find out the gender this time. I told DH I am relieved, as I was worried I'd figure it out and then have to keep my mouth shut!
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My u/s is in 21 days-November 30...We're going to find out what it is for sure! Started a countdown to the day over a week ago! Getting REALLY anxious!
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Originally Posted by mkmama View Post
Since we're in "chatter" thread...i have some advice needed.

How they do things over here (UK) is that you get all your history/bloodwork and ultrasound done and the whole apt can take a couple hours...at least. Its 45 minute bus ride away and its in DS nap time. Now, DH was going to stay home with DS, so i could just focus on the baby stuff.


That means DH doesn't get to be there when i find out the sex. that makes me sad that he wont' see this baby inside (only ultrasound we get). He doesn't really want to go anyway...but i would like him there.

He would go if i asked him...but that means DS has to deal with the hospital stuff/bus ride for at least 4 hours. And we don't have anyone else to look after him. (seriously...nobody).

What would you do? Since DH isn't that interestsed in going do you think he should be there?
Originally Posted by JunipersMom View Post
Bring a cell phone so he can hear it - have them put it in a envelope and open it when you get home - stop on your way home and get either a pink or blue onsie and have your dh open it when you get home. Seriously - I would much rather find another way of dh being a part of it than dragging a sleepy toddler around the city only to sit around while I try to focus on the baby and the testing etc going on there.
Junipersmom..thanks. I was so wrapped up in the figuring out if he should go, i didn't even THINK of these ideas...i think wrapping a pink/blue onesie is a cute idea, all the ideas are cute! thank you!

i would appreciate any other thoughts on this.
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I finally got an u/s scheduled for the 29th. We want to know the sex if the baby will cooperate...ds kept his legs crossed the whole time...we're hoping this babe isn't quite so modest. I'll be 21 weeks
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Mine is the 19th. I will CERTAINLY be finding out. I need time to wrap my head around whatever sex it will be. Also, I am a shopper.
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mkmama - If they let you, I'd call DH on the cell. When the tech goes to tell you, hold the phone up so he can hear the tech.. or have tech tell you and you tell him immediately. Otherwise, I agree with the other suggestion in buying something gender related.. Maybe put the gender u/s pic (if you get one) in the gift bag as well.

Later today I have dinner with my IP's. And then just over 31 hours from now (um yeah, I'm not counting) we'll get to see their baby!
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We are going this tues the 13th at 9am. I am dying to find out. We didn't with DS but I feel it would be nice to be prepared this time and to be able to help DS bond. I am thinking it is another boy but would be happy either way
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I have my Level II u/s tomorrow and I am NOT finding out this time. I really wanted a surprise last year but my DH needed to know if it was a boy or not. Hoping to hear all healthy news!
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I always found out the sex but never celebrated. I thought it was so fun finding out but sometimes wished I would have waited.
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My ultrasound is November 30th. I am definitely going to find out the sex so long as baby co-operates.
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Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
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Boy, as I said in the other thread. The u/s was amazing. A few funnies during it even.

I celebrated by coming home and taking a nap.
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