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why space?

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Our one year old dd is so far unvaxed. My parents live in central Africa and I feel that it is important for my dd that we visit them there, but we have not been yet because of the vax issue.
Basically, me and my partner have decided to definitely give the polio and possibly diptheria and tetanus vaccines. My doctor is very supportive of our selective vaccinations ( he actually reccommends against pertussis and MMR to his clients). But when I requested that the vaccines be given seperately, he said that when you give vaccines seperately, you essentially just prolong the agony. Dd would be dealing with reactions every couple of weeks rather than every couple of months.
Can anybody give me information about this and let me know whether spacing out the shots is really important?

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I don't really have an unequivocal answer for you but my gut tells me to space them to give my 10 mo dd's immune system time to deal with each invasion. I would rather have her deal with a shot more often for the vaxes I select but far enough apart where she has a chance to fight the invaders rather than heap a whole lot onto her system at once and possibly overload her immune system. I can't give you scientific facts, it just makes a lot of common sense to me (IMHO)
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