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Her name is Xianya, pronounced Zee-on-yuh, dp started calling her Zee-onion, he uses a... I guess French accent when he says it... his attempt at a French accent
DD1's name is Hypatia and dp started a pet name for her of "pater" then he started calling her potater,
I didn't like the pet name potater but it grew and I accidentally use it sometimes and I don't like Zeeonion but again, I accidentally used it yesterday!
So now we have, a potato and onion.... the new joke is that we need to get some "meat" (a boy) which I don't really find funny b/c a 3rd child would be the end of my sanity, which is wavering currently
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My 10 yr old dd has a new nickname for Daniel - she calls him "my cutie patootie with a stinky bootie" roflmbo (she does a lot of diaper changing and holding him so she would know )
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We call her Butterball and Chunky Monkey because she is over 13 lbs already and has outgrown all her 0-3 months clothes.

We also call her Wheezer because she makes little whhezing sounds while nursing or sleeping on your chest.

Also, Sarah Bear/Sarah Bearah
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Originally Posted by jennay View Post
We also call her Wheezer because she makes little whhezing sounds while nursing or sleeping on your chest.
Daniel makes a honking sound when he is nursing or relaxing so I have been calling him "goose" - sounds like a gosling in a flock of geese
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When my first was born, out of the blue one day I started calling her Fluffalump, now I just call her Fluff, for short. I also call them love, babes, bum. My hubby came up with his own nicknames for them, and while they laugh now, we joke their gonna get complexes later about them! They are as follows:
Abigail - Flabigail, Flabby or Yadigail
Madison - Flabison, or Madigail

And we just call Georgia - George all the time, since she's so tiny and girlie its really cute to call her an old mans name. I have no idea why! LOL...
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Oh man, we are the pros at weird pet names over here!!
Xander is...(ready?)....
Xan-Xan, Xan man, Xanner, Brother, Booby Goo, Baby Goo, Goo, Mustard Butt, Squishy Butt, Bug, Babykins, Tiny Dictator...hahaha.
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