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Camping with babe!

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I know there's been a few threads about camping with babies, and I've enjoyed all the great advice, and am really looking forward to our camping trip next week.

What I'm worried about is napping. Almost 14 mo dd usually naps about 2.5-3 hours in the afternoon. If we're at home, she usually goes down around 1:00. If we're out though at a friends, playground, museum, doing errands, etc.,she'll stay up until we get in the car to come home (even if it's 4:00 ).

Anybody have any good camping stories? When did your baby sleep? Where? For how long? Did you and baby miss out on any of the family activities because you were back at the campsite napping? Dd won't nap even if I nurse her on a friend's bed after lunch. She'll be cranky, yawning, rubbing her eyes, nurse herself almost to sleep - then she's done, and bounces up again bright eyed and bushy tailed until we head home. I'm afraid we'll have 5 days of one or two 15-20 minute car naps each day, and I'll have a bear of a baby for a week after we return (if not toward the end of the trip as well....).
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Although most of our naps (2hrs, more or less) were in the tent, she also napped in the backpack, while we hiked. Then, when we were finished, we could put the pack down and let her finish her nap. Would she stand for that? It's a bit like a carseat. What about a jogger, or are you backpacking in?

Good luck with you trip, we have had a wonderful time camping so far!
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My guys are always too exhausted to argue. We bought a humongous : tent w/an air mattress.: At naptime, we just put them to sleep in the tent. My 9 mos. old will fall asleep while we're out doing stuff, but I prefer to have a regular naptime for them. ANd, on the first/last day, we usually cheat and schedule driving time for naptime.
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we have a Rockwood pop-up camper, and we love it! Although, the first time we went, Macie was up very 30 mintues,.... all night long. ughhhhhhh.

but, now they are both used to it, and it is great "family" time! I highly recommend it! and, we keep the same nap schedule when we are out camping.

good luck!
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