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we are having one of our children detoxed by a naturalpath. She is on a series of herbs that are supposed to clease out the toxins that are causing her health problems.

We have noticed a difference and its only been three weeks. So hopfully they are helping.
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I've used both types...both for myself and my animals and have seen good results with homeopathy with my kitties and good results with myself for naturopathy.
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You can do a google search of your city and environmental medicine or detoxification or something like that and you'll get local providers (there are lots of different fields that people with experience in detoxification can end up in--ours is an acupuncturist with a background in environmental health). We're working on our health problems now, and even before getting to the heavy-duty stuff (like chelation, I think that will be in the spring), there are things on the nutritional supplement side (vitamins/minerals mostly, some herbs) that can really make a difference. But I'd try to find a few people in your area that you can interview and learn about their experience and see if their approach seems right for your situation. And FWIW, I would wait to have a good understanding of what, exactly, you're dealing with before taking something that is intended to detox/chelate heavy metals (like cilantro). You can make a huge impact on your children's health by doing the hard work now, but I think at least getting started with a professional's help is a prudent move. Good luck!
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Yeah, avoid chelation if at all possible. The only way I'd consider it is if my kid had severe lead poisoning. It's about as easy on the body as chemotherapy.
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thanks for this great info!

i have been wondering about this a nad have veeerrrry slow dial up at home.

going to have to read those links sometime.
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I haven't read through all of the replies, but IMO, unless your child has obvious and serious problems, I would not try anything drastic. Since you did not really specify the type of emotional and behavioral problems, I am not sure that they are "serious". By that I mean falling in the category of obvious autism, severe emotional issues that might not be overcome with a focus on diet, behavioral therapy and a good look at one's own family and family dynamics. I would probably first approach environmental toxins, water quality, food quality, lifestyle and any number of approaches like that before going down the path of chelation and other more invasive approaches.
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Actually I have a suggestion. I have heard so many good things about 2 products called Liverlife and NDF plus. They detoxify naturally with herbs and probiotics. Here is a link..


I have talked to someone who works for this company and she gives alot of info about these products. These are used alot for kids with autism, though I have not tried them on my son yet...

My son has what is called a DAN doctor (defeat autism now) and he has suggested quite a few things for my son, including chelation, which I am not sure about yet, because I question the safety of it...

Anyway hope that helps you some!
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