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And Im SO excited....and havent gotten anything done!!!! :

Ok...I did go through and purge all the clothes we dont wear to take to Goodwill. But besides that, Im not ready in the least. Well...I did switch our electric and line up movers.

The biggest area of chaos in our house is toys. So, this weekend the kids and I will pack up all the toys that are not playmobils. (they agreed to this) The clothes dont need to be packed up, movers just take them in the dressers. The kitchen and our 5 million books do need to be packed, and I kind of would like to try to paint our bookcases before moving....and maybe the extra dresser in the basement. Our new house doesnt have a linen closet and I was thinking it might be a neat idea to paint the dresser a cream color, and store our towels and sheets and things in there, and have it be in the upstairs hallway. The house is a 100 yr old farm house that has been rehabbed and added is 2800 sq ft.

My perfectionist side is nagging me to mow the lawn and weed the flower beds before we leave....but the other side of me is saying "screw it, this house is foreclosed and I dont care" (to refresh...we are renting this house we are in now....and it is in foreclosure, and we have the weirdest MIA landlord)