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Best source for coconut milk?

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I am wanting to make coconut milk yogurt. I have just ordered the starter and do have some coco milk, but would like to find a good source to get in bulk. The local grocery sells it but it is always a hit or miss if they will carry it and it is expensive- I am hoping I can get a decent deal if I buy bulk and not have to worry about running to the store all the time to get it.

I was looking at some coconut cream to reconstitute from tropical traditions


coconut milk powder from wilderness family naturals (they are currently out of milk)
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The authors of The Garden of Eating say they buy coconut milk in bulk and they list 2 sources.

1) Edward and Sons Trading Co http://www.edwardandsons.com

2) Thai Kitchen http://www.thaikitchen.com

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We either reconstitute the CCC from TT or in a pinch buy New Native (I think that's the brand?) or the OLD Thai Kitchen with the black lids. They changed and added a new emulsifier and the new lids are gold.
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Can you post your coconut yogurt recipe? Thanks for the other links too. I was just going to search for a better way to buy coconut milk besides at the grocery store.
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kallyn, thanks for the links the price from thai kitchen was cheaper than amazon, but not sure about the postage- however I was a little concerned with the additives. I am thinking I will go with the coconut cream and maybe some butter as well, I need an oil that can tolerate higher heat than the olive.

firefaery- thanks for the input, it is good to know ahead of time that the concentrate will work for the yogurt- I am guessing it has reconstitution info on the package.

2inAugust- here are the yogurt instructions- I had got this off of a coconut yogurt thread I belive firefaery had started
Basically. 2 cans coconut milk,
a thickener (agar agar, gelatin or something else of your choosing)
2 T. honey or maple syrup a bit of vanilla and a starter.
Heat milk, thickener and sweetener to 110. Add starter.
Stir in a dash of vanilla and incubate at 110 for 8-10 hours.
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You can actually get a good deal on Amazon on the Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk... they have regular, light, and even organic. Shipping is free.

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I make my own from fresh coconuts, that way I have raw fresh coconut cream. If you add a little lime juice to it, it will keep in the fridge for up to six weeks.
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I noticed recently at Whole Foods that they have an organic coconut milk in their store brand 365. The price was pretty good compared to what I pay for other brands (that aren't even organic!). I haven't tasted it yet because they were out of the regular when I was there (only had light) but I want to try it. I think if you got a whole case they would give a discount, too!
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what's a starter, and where can you buy it?
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