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Need some serious help for DH...

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My dh is ill and we don't know what is wrong. Some days he feels absolutely fine, other days he is very sick, headache, very weird feeling in his head, brainfog, can't concentrate. On those days you can hardly talk to him and he can't wait for the day to be over and hope the next day is better. This is affecting his work seriously and also our relationship because on his "bad" days, he gets very withdrawn and easily upset. The strange thing is, some days he has it, other days he is fine and you can never tell upfront what kind of day he will have. It always comes and goes during the night, but his sleep is good (he is taking melatonin now, hoping it will help).

This all started about 4 years ago after he had some vaxes and some mercury fillings. He had all his fillings removed about 2 years ago but one of his naturopathic doctors did some tests and says he has large amounts of mercury in his body. That doctor gave him a DMPS shot, that did not help, only gave him Bell's Palsy, so we stopped doing that.
He has tried all kinds of herbs and detox remedies (natural) but nothing is helping. We really do not know what to do next and are not sure where to go. All his CBC work comes back normal, except for perhaps white bloodcells being a little low but according to the doctor nothing worysome. They also checked his liver, kidneys and thyroid, nothing out of the ordinary.

I have done a lot of research on the internet but haven't found anything that helped so far, and was hoping you might have some experience that might help.

Needless to say we have not vaxed dd at all because of this experience.

Thanks for your help, we are starting to get pretty desperate.

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have you PM stacie?

this feels like something she might know more about.
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I know of someone who could probably help your DH, but he is very out-there and your DH would have to be convinced of his work and read at least one book before he could get a consultation. PM me if you would like further information.

As for something he could do now, I would suggest he try drinking the following raw vegetable juice (please don't take this as medical advice, just my suggestion of what I would do):

60 percent celery
20 percent parsley
10 percent cilantro
10 percent zucchini

Add raw unheated honey to taste.

Watch how he is with this combination, because the cilantro may be too much detox for him. He should drink around 8oz or more at least three times a day and especially last thing at night before he goes to bed.

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Thanks Uccomama, yes, we are interested. Tried to PM you but your mailbox is full. We already tried raw food diet, only made him feel worse (I guess it detoxed him to fast). He doesn't even excercise anymore because it makes him feel "bad".

We feel like we've tried everything so we're open to anything else that can help.


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I pm'ed you sorry about the full box, I didn't realize it was full.

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Hi Kavay...

...read through the "Vaccinations, Immune Dysfunction, Probiotics and Nutrition" thread. A sound intestinal culture could only help.

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Acupuncture cured a 7-year old of vaccine related leukemia. Poisoned kidneys. The acupuncurist treated the kidneys and the child is fine now. The acupuncturist was the sister of a friend which is where I heard of the healing.
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A 7-year old was diagnosed with leukemia. Western medicine di nothing for her. She went to an acupuncturist, the diagnosis was poisoned kidneys. The acupuncurist treated the kidneys and the child is fine now. The acupuncturist was the sister of a friend which is where I heard of the healing.
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Originally posted by Hilary

The vitamin C would also help to neutralise any mercury pulled out by the juice mix that Uccomamma suggested.

My recommendation would be to add a couple of spoonfuls of RAW cream to the juice.

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Sorry, I just found this....

anyway, this does sound like mercury toxicity and probably yeast issues too.

First thing I would do is cut out ALL sugar from his diet. Begin giving him Milk Thistle to help protect and strenghtn his liver. Up his B6. LOTS of vitamin C, selinium.

After several weeks, I would begin him on 50 mg of Alpha Lipioc acid 4 times per day. Three days on, four days off. ALA WILL chelate the mercury in his brain.

you may have to do for a year or more. But after a few rounds he should begin to feel better.

You also may wish to give him Grapefruit seed extract to kill yeast. If you have mercury to have yeast especially during chelation. Then give Kefir. This is a probriotic and will help populate the gut.

Also, I strongly recommend Craniosacral Therapy. The cerebral spinal fluid has natural chelators and will help with the detox side effects. www.upledger.com

Let us know how it goes! and good luck.
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I have not done this yet, but I am very eager too.


My friend has Amalgam issues and is currently researching it and wants them removed. She's interested in the baths as well.

I'm so sorry you are going through this.
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