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Martha Stewart Baby Spring 2002

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This magazine just came out today, check it out at marthastewart.com
There are ideas for making fabric animals, birth announcements.
Has anyone here been inspired by any of Martha Stewarts' craft ideas for baby/kids?
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I LOVE Martha Stewart!!!! She is my hero LOL!!

My son's birth announcement was inspired by her magazine! I absolutely LOVE her baby magazines. the kids' magazine is great too. Lots of awesome ideas for crafts!
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I made my cloth diaper birth announcement from the first one, and the wooden rollie animals (o.k. I have all the parts downstairs ) and I am going to do a girrafe b-day cake for dd b-day. We (The kids in the youth group I work with) are also going to make the t-shirt stuff and put in in gift baskets for new moms at our church. i love it but I always feel kinda used paying $5 for a baby Gap catalouge with a few craft ideas put out by a woman who thinks cloth and disposables have the same impact on the environment. But none the less a get a giddy feeling inside and don't hesitate to snatch it off the shelf and then selfishly hoard them when I have thoroughly looked through them. Oh, another thing that annoys me is in one of them she had the very simple totally adorable bibs made form oil cloth that she said was available everywhere. Can't find it anywhere. Where does she get this stuff that makes her think it is available everywhere?
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ok, now you all have me curious...and I always thought Martha was the enemy!
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I LOVE Martha!!! I still have all my old Martha baby's and can't wait to go to Gap and get the new one! I've made lots of her recipes and crafts. I'm in the process of trying the homemade changing pad made from oilcloth, which is hard to find. I made the first blocks from foam and fabric and I just love her nursery ideas! I love to sew, I make tote bags and starting some diaper bags so I thought the changing pad would be fun!
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you all are kililng me! Now I have to buy one so I can see what is so great about it!
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Just thought I'd share! I picked up the spring issue of Martha Baby today! I'm headed out to the porch swing now to read! It gets me so excited for a new baby!!
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I want to try the cars cake in the new magazine. It is so cute. I also love the finger puppet purse. It makes me want a little girl so badly, so do those pillow case dresses :LOL
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The finger puppet purse is too cute! I love the giraffe cake too. I don't mind the gap ads either. It does take up half the magazine though. How much do I want the floral raincoat,hat, purse and boots!!!
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I bought it!

I'll be making dd an easter version of the purse!
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We were at Gap this weekend and the raincoat was in the window. Dh said "Don't let Madeline see that. She won't stop till she gets it" "Oh she already has, she wants it pretty bad"

And I just love those pillowcase dresses.
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I love these. The baby MS is the only mag I actually buy. I hate to admit but I read Mothering at the library. Dh would kill me if I got a subscription because I could never throw them away.
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Hey gals,

I made the adorable Finger Puppet Purse for a 4 yr olds bday. It took about 3-4 hours, but now that I've made one the next one should be faster. It didn't turn out exactly like it did in the magazine because I only used felt that I already had in my scrap box (didn't have pink, so the bunny is white). Anyway it's smaller than it looks and not as difficult as it looks.
If anyone makes a finger puppet purse, I'd love to hear about it.
LaLa, what are your plans for an Easter version?
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I made the cream purse with one big green pocket cut like grass and I made a bunny finger puppet and a little stuffed felt lady bug (I colored on teh dots to save time! LOL)

It didn't take very long at all, but I never follow directions, I just go and do as many shortcuts as I can find!

It is pretty cute and I like that the handle is short so dd can't put it around her neck

Not as cute as teh one in teh magazine, but cute
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I love Martha!

I made my own version of the pillowcase dress for my DD. It was soooo easy. Martha inspires me!

LaLa- I get bored with patterns, I am one of those people who reads the instructions/pattern only when I'm stuck or have screwed up......LOL
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LaLa, that sounds cute, cuter than the Easter Felt bags Martha had on her show last week.

Mamax3, what was your version of the pillowcase dress?
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saganaga- It was a version similar to the one she had in last years, spring/summer issue. I wish I could post a picture of it, it was so easy to make and looks so cute on DD. I don't have a digital camera though......anyway, basically I just cut the fabric into tow pieces and cut out a shape with neck slits and arms slits and sewed elastic in the neck and arm slits then sewed the two pieces of fabric together....I also added pockets on the front (using the cut outs from the neck slits and added elastic to the top of pocket). It is so adorable, and I made it a little long for her last year so she will be able to wear it this year too!

I love Martha!
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