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Does your Christmas Tree have a theme??

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Just what it says!

Growing up it was alot of homemade ornanments, and ones us kids made in school.

From the time I moved out, my tress has been white, with red white and green lights, silver bulbs and a touch our blues and greens.

We wont be doing that this year...so I am looking for ideas
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Yes, our theme is: We have no taste or sense of restraint.
Seriously, we have like the tackiest Christmas tree ever. You know those blinky eye Halloween lights? Prominently displayed. Paper chains, popcorn chains whatever... it's dreadful.
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Originally Posted by fallriverfox View Post
Yes, our theme is: We have no taste or sense of restraint.

Our theme is: "we don't have a lot of ornaments and don't like to spend money on more so we add a lot of paper chains."

Growing up, our tree was always themed "pile it on."
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Our tree theme is the kids pour their hearts into making sweet little things for the tree and I am honored to display their talents on our tree.

Christmas is for children.
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My cousin and her girls take turns picking two colors and they decorate using only those two colors. It actually looks very pretty and it's neat that it's different every year.

We have homemade decorations, whatever I've made over the last few years. :P Small candy boxes wrapped like presents, homemade dough hand prints and shapes, etc...
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A few years ago, our running theme was "Cat Proofed." Now it's "Toddler Proofed!"
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We don't really have a theme any more but in our old house we used to have 2 trees and one was a nativity themed tree. We did a lot of angels and stars in addition to Holy Family stuff.

One year we did blue and white lights with blue, white, and sliver decorations. It was lovely but it looked like a Hanukkah tree not a Christmas tree.

Now we just do whatever all on one tree.
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Not really. It has white lights and red bows and teddy bears (and all the other ornaments passed down through the years). My mom has passed, so I have all of her ornaments -- I'd hate not to use them.
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No theme. We do make picture ornaments with the kids' school photos every year - starting from when they were just regular photos of cute babies.

Way back in HipMama days, someone posted a great recipe for ornaments - basically a bunch of applesauce, plus enough cinnamon to make a stiff dough, then use cookie cutters to cut out ornament shapes. Press beads in if you want, put in a hole for the string, let them dry a few days, and voila! Our ornaments all smell like cinnamon.

I do have snowman Christmas dishes and a few kitchy snowmen around the place, but not in a "unifying theme" kind of way.
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I've got a stone wear bear ornament that is my inspiration... so I think I'm going to make the theme natural or primitive. I don't like cutesy things. I'm going to crochet some things out of jute twine, then put plain glass balls, bows, apples, and all the peace cranes I've folded on there, along with some red and gold ribbon.
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Ours is covered in hand painted wooden ornaments and tin. I freaking love my xmas tree.
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Well we have 6 trees in our house. Yes I love Christmas. The one in the den is a real tree that is covered with collected ornaments from the last 13 years. Each year I buy a few new ones that have to do with what we did as a family ( a camping one, this year was learning to fish), and what each child is in to at the moment ( this year I got soccer, hockey and one with 3 children because we just had a baby). It has a sort of Americana theme as well becuase I use red plaid bows and American flags on it, plus red balls.

In the kitchen/diningroom we have a fake tree, that is covered with all the ornaments that each child has ever made. They make new ones every year to add to the growing collection. They feel special that they have their own tree for that.

Each child also has a small tree in their bedroom. When the boys were born they had pale blue balls, blue plaid ribbon and new baby ornaments. Now they each do up their own tree each year using their own creativity. Miss E will have a tree this year for the first time and I got all small pastel balls, white lights, pink plaid ribbon and new baby ornaments.

Finally I have a fake tree in my room that has all the boys baby ornaments. I love them all so much and will eventually add E's when she wants to decorate her little tree. I use only white lights on the trees and only the den tree gets gifts under it.

I know I am nuts, but Christmas is my favorite holiday and we begin decorating the day after Thanksgiving if not ON that day, depending on where we spend it.
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a theme? whats that? lol. our tree is officially the MISFIT christmas tree as dd calls it. you know the toys of misfit island, off some really old christmas movie. we have old ornaments, misc. school crafted ones, popcorn, and dd even saves the broken ones, at least the ones that aren't glass- like pochahontas with the one arm, and the two birds with no beaks, ah yes! our glorious chrismas tree~ good old plastic tree that we got from my dad, after he had it for like 10 years, i refuse to waste, and we don't do real trees....
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The real tree we get has roots and then we plant it in our yard, I also like that memory as well
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