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Crushed *update*

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Due to somewhat my own stupidity and a moment of inattentiveness, my camera bag got stolen

I am a photo nut and used that bag not only as a camera bag that held a $1600+ camera but also used it as a purse. And my iPod was in it. And receipts for the school I work at and and... sob sob

__________________________________________________ _____________

Someone turned it into the store where I was It is minus some stuff but the camera was in there. I still have to cancel the cards just to be on the safe side.

Now, all ya manifesters can send those good vibes over to the mamas fighting cancer
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OMG, I am SOOOOOOO SORRY. That sucks. Where did you leave it?

One thought - there are so many hidden cameras today is there a remote possibility that one may have seen the thief?

Ugh, that just sucks. (((Hugs))))
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Oh no!! I am so sorry! I hope, somehow, it turns up! Man. :
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Oh that bites... I am sorry. :
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Oh no! I would be so lost without mine There is no chance of you getting it back?
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Ohhhhhhhhh that is terrible... I hope that someone has a change of heart and returns it.
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. that's awful! How did it happen? Are you in an area where you could check pawn shops for it?
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Fantastic news that the camera was handed in!
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So glad that someone turned it in!
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I'm glad you got it back!
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Did you get your Ipod back, too??
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Oh, good news...for the most part!

I once left my digi cam. in a shopping cart at Kmart...someone turned it in for me...I was so grateful!!
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Oh yea! Glad it came back!
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Yay!! So glad.
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: so glad you got it back!
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whoo-hoo! how wonderful!

I lost a small digi-cam on a bus once and nobody turned it in. It was a festival bus, too, and you'da thunk those folks woulda been kinder about it, but alas. It was a cheapie as far as digital cameras go so it was no huge loss, but I still felt really stoopid.
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I think it's great that you got some of your stuff back. It's amazing how grateful you can feel when a terrible situation gets a little less terrible!
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