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hi teachermom

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I just wanted to let you know that we're coming into town on the 20th. We finally got our tickets.

Way too much to talk about why the delay, but would love to chat some time! I'll give you my phone number next week. What's your email?

I'll send you mine in private another time when I have a little more time.

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I'll p.m. you my e-mail. Sorry I haven't been in touch lately...I tend to get a little self-involed when I'm pregnant! LOL. We've also been really busy...Ds is really intreasted in engeenering so this month we have spent some time at the local collage's engeenering bldg., went to engeenering day in the mall (also put on by the college's engeenering dept), and have a workshop schedualed with ibm's engineering dept.! He's really enjoying it.
Glad to hear you made it to Texas.
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