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Tell me about nighttime

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I'm a newbie to cloth diapering and just recently started with my 15 mo. old. We use fuzzi bunz and a couple different AIOs. So far so good, but I'm still putting him in a disposable overnight because I'm worried about him leaking through. I'd like to switch to cloth overnight too so I would really like to know what has worked/not worked for your little ones. I would consider him an average wetter, not too heavy at night in my opinion. Any information would be much appreciated
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Dd's pattern at night was to hold it then flood. We used pockets stuffed with 3 joey bunz. Never had a problem.

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My DD doesn't pee at night but she will as soon as she wakes up. I found a trifolded infant prefold stuffed on top of the MOE insert caught the pee quicker. If there is a massive assault on a Fuzzi Bunz sometimes it doesn't absorb as fast as the flow.
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I use a bg 1.o or 2.o on the largest setting with ds and I stuff it with a hemp baby large trifolded. Ds sleeps over 12 hours (he wkes plenty to nurse). He is a very heavy wetter. We have only had a couple leeks.
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All of these combinations have worked great for us:

Precious Coverings nighttime fitted with a Disana wool soaker over it

Firefly Sleeptight with a Disana wool soaker over it

Under the Nile fitted with a Disana wool soaker over it
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I always use two prefolds, or three flats, or one fitted and one flat, with a Bummis or Mother-ease or Blue Penguin cover.
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We do a fitted with a wool soaker. We use a dream-eze or cricketts hemp and a babyology or WAHM soaker. Every morning the fitted is soaked but the wool cover is dry. We've never had a leak! I also use a silk liner in the fitted and her bum is amazingly dry considering the diaper is soaked. We also don't have any red marks. She wears that combo for 9-10 hours... I almost feel like a bad Mama for not changing her during the night, but she's had no rash or even redness, so it can't be that bad, right??
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My DD1 was always a heavy wetter, and was easily bothered by wetness. We used Very Baby Simply Nights fitteds, with the extra soaker pad you can buy, with a wool cover over it (one I made myself.) The diaper and soaker pad are topped and lined with fleece for a dry feeling. This was the only combination that kept her sheets dry. Lately we've had to supplement this with an extra pocket diaper insert stuck under the extra soaker pad, which is really bulky but prevents leaks. (She's 3 and only wears dipes at night.)

My DD2 is only an average-ish wetter, and she gets by with a pocket diaper (I have a few kinds) a bit overstuffed-- three inserts, or two and a folded infant prefold.

My DS is a MASSIVE wetter because he's an all-night nurser, but he's not bothered much by wetness, so I just put three enormous prefolds on him and cover it with a too-big wool cover. He winds up with this enormously huge butt, but it works.
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Ds1 was my heavy wetter, but he didn't wet at night at all so we just needed somethign that could handle his morning flood. We used Bum-ware AIO's for him and they worked really great.

Ds2 pees all night, so he needed something that would hold alot but also not leak out the side. He can't use Bum-ware cause they don't fit on him at all. We tried pockets but they would leak out the legs at night no matter what. We now only use fitteds in general. At night we use an organic cotton mother ease one size fitted with snap in and a hemp doubler. Over that we use celtic wool creations wool cover. We absolutely never have leaks.
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