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Elliot is HERE!

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10 pounds 4 Ounces 22 inches long I am way too tired to post but here are a zillion photos! lol

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CONGRATULATIONS!! Way to go on the big boy!! Rest up and enjoy....
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Congrats!! He's adorable!!
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Congratulations! Hope you're getting some rest!
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Congrats and enjoy your sweet baby Can't wait to hear the story.
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Congratulations! Get some rest.
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Congratulations! He's 10lbs and some of cuteness...
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congratulations, he is gorgeous.
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Congratulations Pumpkin! Welcome Elliot!

I posted in announcements. I hope you get some rest and are enjoying your little guy!
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Congrats and welcome Elliot!!
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wow, you birthed an infant, not a newborn! He's a big boy, and a cutie! Congrats and glad he's finally here!
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