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Heather - I am so incredibly amazed at your perspective and peace about Adia's destiny. You must be such an amazing person to be able to reach that place so soon. Blessings to you and your spirit baby.

Your experience sounds so horrible = I am so sorry your midwife did not treat you with the proper care and respect, but so glad you were able to find your own healing.

As for my experience - I had dd (now two) at home. I dilated fairly quickly from 3-6, but then ended up with a swollen cervical lip. My MW had me on hands and knees in the pool for at least an hour holding back my cervix so I could continue dilating, because the lip was not going away on its own. I had HORRIBLE back pain at that time (that was far, far worse than any contractions) and had my DH and two MW apprentices doing massge and counter pressure all the time (what a picture - one MW with her hand up my nether regions and three rubbing my back)!

Pushed for two hours, and dd was born beautifully. I had been unable to pee for hours and hours - and hemmoraged twice after the birth. First time I got pitocin and herbs, second time more pitocin, methergine, really hard massage (OUCH) and a catheter. Finally after my bladder was emptied I stopped bleeding.

What is more important than what happened is how it was handled. I was never worried or paniced. The MW's were calm, professional and obviously knew what they were doing. I was informed througout, and my dh and dd laid on the bed next to me the entire time. I knew it was serious, but knew I was in good hands. If the bleeding had not stopped when it did, my MW let me know we would have transported - which would have been disapointing, but okay, as I trusted her judgement. Instead of looking at my complications as reason to fear birth (and homebirth in particular) I see it as a perfect example of the system working just as it should - and (God willing) I will birth all my future babies at home, in peace, as well.

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I am so sorry for your loss.

When I was 10 my mother had the same thing happen to her in the hospital with my youngest brother, Jevin.
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Hi mamas.

I birthed my daughter 3 years ago at a birthing center... and after that experience, I said, "Next time, homebirth!" I have since found out that midwives have the same equipment in their bags for homebirths as they do at birth centers. We chose a birth center the 1st time because I wanted to be with midwives, and I didn't want to be in a hospital--and being in a birth center made my husband and I have peace-of-mind, thinking it couldn't get any better than a birth center. My prenatal visits were great, but I ended up with the midwife that I didn't like and didn't have a relationship with, and she ended up making a bunch of rules about who could be in the room and who couldn't (she kept my mother and sister out of the room because she said there were "too many people already" even though it was only me, my husband and my best friend who was assisting). There was meconium and she was posterior (the midwife and my husband turned her at my perineum!), but she was suctioned and was fine--Alert and ready to breastfeed!

And then only 3 hours after Fiona was born, I had to get up and get in the car and go home! That sucked.

So, this time (I'm pregnant! Yay!) I am definitely opting for a homebirth.

The most recent issue of Mothering has a bunch of info about homebirth vs. hospital, etc., and US rates of maternal deaths and infant deaths... we don't rate very well! The countries that have the lowest death rates are the ones that provide free healthcare to its citizens, midwifery care, including nutrition, and encourage natural childbirth as the norm.

Good luck with your decision! All in all, you have to be wherever you feel most comfortable. If you envision yourself being more relaxed at home, do it. If it's a birth center, do it. If it's a hospital, do it. And think about the billions of women who have birthed their children before us--we are powerful! We rock!!!

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Nothing went wrong with my hb (except we never got the tub filled ) but my nephew was born in a birthing center with a LM. He was a compound presentation (his hand was by his head), but the MW didn't do an episiotomy, which I think would probably happen w/ an OB. And his cord was wrapped around his neck 3x. My sister's MW had to cut it after his head was born b/c it was too tight to slip off. But he came out perfectly healthy and started breathing right away.

Also, my best friend's mom had all five of her babies at home, one was born with her cord around herneck and she was 4 weeks 'overdue', and one with shoulder dystocia (?). She said she was never worried with either of them b/c she had confidence in her MW's knowledge of birthing.

All though I definetly hope I don't have any complications in future births, I feel better knowing that I'll be in the comfort of my own home if something does happen. And, by being at home a normal variation of labor or birth is treated just like that, normal, not a medical emergency.

Good luck with your birthing choice and happy birthing where ever you birth.
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Wow, Jeanette! Your birth sounds a lot like mine!
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