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Product name: Nosefrida

Brief description of product: A nasal aspirator that uses Mom/Dad provided suction to be more gentle on your baby. No bulb.

Store/Site of purchase:

Price: $15, I think. You also need to buy some filters which are like $2.50 for a bag of 20.

How long have you used this product? ONe week.

Fit/Sizing: N/A

Performance: I was a little wary of using this as even though they tell you the mucus can't go in your mouth... you still wonder. Anyways, I've had it about a week and have used it on my baby daughter for that time as she has a cold. It's very gentle and easy to use and clean. No mucus whatsoever gets near my mouth. Looks very simple when you take it out of the box.. you think... hey, I could have thought of this. Yet it works very well. Used in Sweden for 10 years... tested by Peds and ENTs there. I still haven't used it on my 2 year old, though... his mucus is scarier.

Quality: Good.

Customer Service/Communication: Very good. Quick shipping. Had it in 2-3 days.

Would you purchase this product again? Yes.

Have you made a complaint to the WAHM or company about the product? If yes, please provide details of any resolution or lack thereof.

Additional Comments: Give it a try!

I give it (How many up out of five?): 4, just because you have to keep buying the filters (change when you clean it)... which I think will be a pain. I bought two bags though when I ordered it.