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Advent calendar activities ideas

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I'm going to make an advent calendar for Xmas and need some ideas on things to do for the calendar. I figured you the mama's here would have loads of wonderful ideas

Any suggestions are welcome!

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Ours has a little stocking for each day, some days we'll do edible treats but other ideas are

walk round the neighborhood to see Christmas lights
make gingerbread men, probably a couple of other baking ones too
decorate the tree
make salt dough decorations
make cards for family
set off to grannies house (where we are spending Christmas)
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Thanks, mama!
Anyone else?:
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I'm doing one this year, so I've been busy collecting ideas:

bottlecap magnets
small journals
cookie cutter w/ promise of cookie making to follow
coupons for: special outing, cocoa, craft time, shopping for Toys For Tots, looking at lights, making homemade playdough together
pretty rocks
Christmas DVD (we always buy 1 new one every year to watch on XMAS Eve)
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Loving these ideas, thanks:
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Last year we had the kids use a large sheet of paper and a set of nativity stickers to create a scene on the top half. For the bottom half, we used "coin envelopes" and cut off the flaps. We glued them in rows, one for each day, and my dd got to write the numbers on them. In each envelope I put a sticker that we pulled out at the end of the day to stick over the number. It was simple and fun.

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I seen a martha stewart one at Michael's is was a house with little hidden compartments that you could put things in- it was precut put had to be put together. I was tempted to get it for DS but i haven't had the time yet.
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I just came on to post this exact thread! Yay!

Ok - here is a cool blog listing homemade advent calendar tutorials!! It makes me sad that I bought one last year at target - although I do like that one, too - it is wooden with tiny cupboards for each day that open up.

Here is a link to a printable advent calendar on Family fun. It has lots of good activities that I'll reuse (we did this one last year).

I'll be back to post my ideas. I need to get going on ths!!
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More great ideas
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This has some cute ideas: http://kiddley.com/2006/11/22/fill-y...ith-activities
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I started a thread on the toys and dolls board and there have been lots of great ideas posted.
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