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Originally Posted by quarteralien View Post
Why won't your SIL be happy?

I've had some brown spotting and light cramping all day. It's more annoying than worrisome. I guess I'm of the opinion that if I'm going to miscarry, get on with it. If not, then stop this nonsense spotting business. This is just like my DS's pregnancy. I spotted and cramped the whole first trimester and had no other real symptoms, and well, here he is! DD's pregnancy I had more spotting early on, but after I lost her twin at 6 weeks, I didn't have any more. : Why must I bleed?
She doesn't believe I should have anymore children....It's a long story but basically she is just jealous I think.....She is preggo herself due in March and REALLY hoping for a boy so I know this will spark another fit of jealousy from her because she will probably be worried I will have a boy and she won't. I had really severe PPD and PTSD after dd1 was born and she said that I am a hypocrite... back then when i was ill, I will admit that I didn't want my dd but that was the depression.....I was also suicidal....so now she says because I love my kids and I get down on the floor and play with them and enjoy them, that I am a hypocrite. She just can't let it go....nor does she have any concept of what PPD is. She is just a very stupid person. Plus her girls (she has 2) always want to be with me and after they are over for a while they don't want to go home. So I have a feeling she is just jealous....but she doesn't EVER do anything with them,, she just tells them to go away and watch tv. There are a lot of other details, that go into it but it is a LONG story.

Well, that's enough of that!

I am sorry you are still spotting....I can only imagine what that's like. With my nausea being as bad as it has been the last 2 weeks I think at this point thoughts of a loss wouldn't be so bad at this point.
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Wow, gotta love family. That sounds like a messed up story. Yet another reason I'm glad I live thousands of miles from most of my family. I'm sorry you're so sick. I dont' really get sick while pregnant : and if it weren't for the spotting, I'd forget entirely.
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Originally Posted by Red Sonja View Post
"Bouquet of flowers - $30
Home pregnancy test - $12
Telling your mom that a little surprise is on the way: Priceless."

And then I'll just sit back and wait for the phone call.

I have no idea how we're going to tell people...esp. at work- I've quit and come back so many times for pregnancies, they're going to be like "not again!!"
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