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Teeth grinding

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My dd has her two bottom teeth and a few days ago her upper right one broke through. Ever since then she has been grinding her teeth!

The sound is the worst, like nails on a chalkboard to my ears. When she gets going (multiple times a day and lots at night) I can not get her to stop. I try to give her other things to chew on and she refuses. I put my finger in her mouth to get those teeth apart and she pushes it away and keeps right on grinding. It is driving me and dh crazy!

Any ideas as to why she is doing this or ways to get her to stop?
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Oh I can relate! My youngest started this a couple of months ago and although it has eased up a bit, she still does it. It is terrible!! I have also tried different things to get her to chew on something else but to no avail!
I guess I have no good suggestions...just wanted to say I know what you mean!!
This may sound a little crazy...but my baby is definitely more high need than my older one. She gets stresses easily and so I sometimes think this is just another manifestation of that. SO, if she is grinding a lot at a certain point in the day, I try to get to the cause....maybe they're not related at all.....who knows!
Hang in there.
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my 3 yr old DS grinds his teeth it is much worse when he is sleeping. He also inherited my soft teeth and within the first 2 years of his life he ground his front two teeth down to almost nothing so he had to get them pulled. He still grinds and the dentist says well he'll grow out of it .. WHEN when he looses all of his teeth? ugh dr's are dumb.
I know the dr can make them a mouth guard but our dentist said it is not necessary. This could be another reason for his poor eating habits because his mouth/teeth hurt him.
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