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Question about health insurance

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I am lucky to have two very healthy boys, however, because they are healthy, my ex thinks it would be a good idea to cancel their health insurance and put them on state-funded insurance, so he can save about $200 per month. He makes very good money ($80 to $100k) but I make well below the poverty line and would definitely qualify for the Oregon Health Plan.

I am trying to get across to him that they are better off with private insurance. Does anyone have any experiences they can share to help get my point across?

Thank you,
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Don't they normally take into consideration the other parent's income? I know they do in Washington state. And state insurance sucks!!

Oh yeah, my experience. DS needs speech therapy and it is not covered! So now I have to either fight or spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to figure out other options. I just want it to be covered without a hassle.
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