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SposoEasy AIOs

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From Green Mountain Diapers online. Love 'em. Only have bumkins and some nightime fitteds to compare them with.

Like that they are all cotton and the velcro doesn't catch on my clothes. no leaks with my toddler without an added layer, though we haven't used them at night. Fit is great. Very trim.
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I like these AIO's. They are a bit utilitarian looking. Not show off diapers. But they fit and work well. No leaks. I like that the inners are cotton (no fleece or suedecloth). They seem comfortable and are easy on and off.
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I like these diapers.

Pros: wash well, nice outer fabric and terry inner liner, awesome velcro tabs to protect them in wash, easy to put in fleece liner or hemp doubler, easy diaper all-around

Cons: low rise. DS wears is 16 lbs and wears a size 2 disposable, which would have him well within the small range according to their sizing chart, but it leaves him with butt-crack hanging out. No cute designs, just basic colors. Stains quickly and badly on inside.
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  • Never had a blow-out with those!
  • Easy to put on and take off especially when child is fussing.
  • Anyone can use them, DH included which is a biggy in my case.
  • Get more absorbent the more you wash them
  • Love the colors although it's under clothing so it doesn't matter in the end
  • Nice applix system; doesn't get stuck to other diapers in the wash. Found that easier to put on than the one with the snaps when child is fussing. There are four snaps to secure and plenty of them to adjust width of waist if you like snaps.
  • This goes for all CD though; need a doubler or two and good luck finding one that wicks moisture away from skin without adding too much bulk when using them for the night.

  • Staining will occur especially when they eat things like blueberries, but so long as it's sanitized/clean, it doesn't bother me.
  • The fact they are low-rise as the child grows into them hasn't impaired their efficacity... still no blow-out.
  • I use a disposable by 7th Gen at night.
  • ETA: To fight staining, I mix Charlie's Soap, Bac-Out in water and spray all my diapers with that before I put them in the dry pail.
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