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Originally Posted by CookiePie View Post

I lost my homegrown scoby to mold!  Now that GT Dave's Kombucha has been re-formulated does anyone know if I can use the same technique to grow a new scoby?

I tried GT's reformulated kombucha and it didn't work. I posted on freecycle looking for a mother, and I got several responses.
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I can't imagine what they are doing to CT Dave's kombucha to get rid of the alcohol, the taste is certainly suffering!  Thanks Koalamom I'll look locally :) 

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I've only read the first page so far. I'm curious, too. Could somebody please tell me what is Kombucha? Actually what are the benefits attributed to it? I gather the scoby is analagous to the mother in vinegar or the starter for sourdough?

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Are you adding fruit at start of brew or at time of bottle? I am three days in growing my SCOBY, so I am a few weeks from brewing first batch.
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You shouldn't flavor until after the brewing because it can affect the scoby.

Ps. I didn't know we could make our own scoby until reading this thread! Im glad I succeeded and am now brewing my first batch joy.gif
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I used GT daves back in May to start my own scoby and had no problems until I ran out of jars to put all the new scoobies in, lol. I have moved since then and gave them away to a neighbor but am hoping to start again with another bottle of GT daves. I hope it hasn't changed over the summer!

I like to mix the 'brewed' kombucha with a little ginger, or mint leaves and lavender then cork it and leave it in a dark cool shelf not the fridge.

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OK, Don't Laugh (if you can help it) :rotflmao


I was growing my own little Scoby from bottled kombucha. I put the jar on the top shelf in my kitchen cabinet.  I was documenting its progress by taking pictures every couple of days and sending them to my sister. (She started trying to grow one at the same time)  It was doing soooo good, nice thin little baby growing on the top.  So today, while taking my picture...

I DROPPED MY PHONE IN!!!!!  (I'll take a short break now so you can catch your breath from laughing!)


Dum-de-dum-dum-dum....(Have you caught your breath yet?)


OK...  Needless to say, my beautiful little baby scoby folded over on itself and is now laying on the bottom of the jar.  So, have I killed it or contaminated it or what.  


Just in case you are wondering, my phone is still working...for now.. volume does seem to be affected somewhat though..  

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Put your phone in a sealed bag with a cup or two of dried rice. It will absorb all the moisture within a couple of days.

Hope your little baby survived!
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Thanks Springshowers.  I don't know which I'm more upset about.. my phone or my scoby.  :eyesroll 

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