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Alternative Thanksgiving menus

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It will probably just be dd, dh and me this year and we're not really feeling like doing a traditional Thanksgiving feast. Um, except for pie.

Anti-Thanksgiving or alternative Thanksgiving menu ideas would be welcome.
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We're doing an Italian-ish style Thanksgiving.

I had originally planned on a huge gathering of people, but we ended up canceling that, so we weren't going to do anything special at all, but then a friend of DH's was supposed to go home on leave and now is not, so he's coming over, but he doesn't want the traditional Thanksgiving either.

So I'm thinking lasagna, with mini veggie pizzas and a cool salad, and something fun and tasty (like tiramisu) for dessert.
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I think we are going to do salad, homemade pizza and chicken wings and pie.
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If I had my way we'd get rid of the turkey & have butternut squash ravioli w/ cream sage sauce
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The day after T-day we are having a big group of people over. I figured that they (and we!) would be turkey-ed out come dinner so I'm going to do a summer bbq meal. Ribs, tri-tip, beans and veggies. Sheesh, here in Southern Ca it's freaking HOT so it does feel like summer!!
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Well we did a thanksgiving meal here in Fl with the in-laws last week. My older two sons will be spending the day with their father so we are scaling down the meal to feed my husband and I and our two younger kids. I am making traditional foods but I am making everything from total scratch and from local ingredients. I guess that is not really an alternative plan but just scaling down your meal might be an option. If your family usually has a huge spread with a dozen items cut that in half and just have the things you like best. Sometimes you just have to mix it up and make a change!
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ghostlykisses- Dh, dd and I talked about what we wanted to eat. No one was very excited by traditional Thanksgiving foods this year or we would just do a scaled down version. I think you being able to use local ingredients is really cool. That is much more like celebrating the local harvest than celebrating what is trucked in to the stores year round.

Here is our plan for Thanksgiving day now.
Breakfast- Yogurt& fruit smoothies
Lunch- individual grilled pizzas, chicken wings
Supper- Greek bean soup, olives, feta cheese, crusty bread
Additionally- cherry pie, pumpkin bars, non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri and mock pina coladas
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