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Originally Posted by meaghann View Post
...are plastic bags that go inside your crockpot. Food goes inside that and doesnt directly contact the pot. It takes slightly longer for food to cook, but no one looks to crockpots for speed anyway. You could try to reuse them I guess. I havent. Anyway, it takes away the fear of lead leaching out of the glaze.
If I have to choose between all of the toxins that cooking in plastic would leech out and lead...I might actually choose the lead!
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Originally Posted by arismama! View Post
le crueset makes fantastic cast iron pots/dutch ovens that are enameled and so pretty and cook so well on the stove top. plus cooking in cast iron is great for pregnant/nursing moms and kids. ...
I started a recent thread on this in Household Management and someone suggested I do a search, which lead me to this thread.

I believe my slow cooker is a Rival, which seems to have one of the worst reputations for containing lead.

I have done a little research on Zojirushi rice cookers, some of which have a steel container, but they are coated with something and none of the sites I visited offered any information to suggest that the coating is any better than teflon.

I also looked into VitaClay, but one of the sites I visited noted no "added" lead. Which doesn't rule out any lead in the clay.

If you are going to take a gamble on no "added" lead, it seems to me you might as well go with Hamilton Beach. But if I remember correctly, their site notes merely that the glaze contains no lead and that they are in compliance with Federal standards as far as the clay. Which isn't very reassuring.

Then I came across the post I quoted above and it dawned on me that maybe I could find a Le Creuset baking dish to fit my large oval Rival. However, I'm guessing that even if I were lucky enough to find the correct size that it may create problems with the cooking time and/or temp.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

BTW, I visited the Le Creuset site and found this information on lead and cadmium. Le Creuset claims to follow the California standard. Interestingly, they do describe using Cadmium to brighten colors on the exterior of the item, but not the interior which would touch the food.

Q: Is Le Creuset lead and cadmium free?
A: Cadmium and lead are two elements under strict control in the cookware industry. Our position today for the entire production process is to be in compliance with California Proposal 65 which is the most rigid standard in the world for these elements (approx. 10 times lower than "acceptable" limits). Lead is NOT used in our recipes and for cadmium a special anti-acid enamel fritt is used which will not release the cadmium pigment during cooking. Cadmium is used for coloration purposes in achieving bright exterior colors such as Flame and Cherry. The interior enamel which makes contact with food is either sand, white, or black.

Does anyone know of any slow cookers that meet the California standard?

Finally, any thoughts on lining the cooker with foil? I realize this isn't the most environmentally friendly approach but I wonder how that compares to the impact of throwing the slow cooker away?

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old thread... bumping in case anyone has found more info
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Gosh I never even thought about this for some reason. I have an OLD slow cooker (Sears Crock Watcher? that's what it says) I got it at a garage sale... It must be from the 70's cause its all that retro writing and orange color. I keep thinking I should get a new one but I'm like well it works well so why? Hmmm...
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Here's a thread with various responses from manufacturers about the lead issue:


I know there were a few more threads discussing it as well. HTH.
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Anyone know about if the Dr. Weil Healthy Kitchen Slow Cooker has lead in it? I can't figure out a way to contact the manufacturer. I think it is made in Europe, so maybe that is more promising?!?

I have been researching this lead-free slow cooker issue for a few weeks and haven't come up with any one of them that says their crock and glaze is completely lead free. How aggravating!
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Aw, man! I'm the op of this thread! Still haven't gotten one and was googling lead free crock pot and came across my old thread, lol! I *think* I'm going with the vitaclay, fwiw. There's also this glass one, but it's small:

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I am still looking for mine... Dr Weil's website is: http://www.waterford.com/shop/produc...s=dr.%2520weil
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Info on this Blog on Lead in cookware.

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