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Why do you CD

Poll Results: Why do you CD

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 31% (80)
    Enviromental Reasons
  • 28% (73)
    Cost Reasons
  • 26% (67)
    I like em' cute ol' diapes!!!!
  • 13% (34)
    other(please explain)
254 Total Votes  
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Overlooking some of the resons through these threads and actually tying them up WHY DO YOU CD?? For us its baisically and allergy issue and a cost issue...
Arian is horrible allergic to the gel balls in diapers...And for the life of me i cant afford those TUSHIES or anything like it...and wouldnt want to throw away thousands of dollars in something that is DISPOSABLE!!!

Why do you CD??
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Hey - Linda - I keep meaning to ask you - how did you pick your son's name? Just curious!

I picked "cute" and "environmental"

In the beginning it was totally the expense - I didn't know why I *needed* to cd, just that we were broke and it would be much cheaper (DH had just lost his job).

That was back in the proraps and Sandy's and infant cpf days.

Now we can afford more, and I really love it - and I've gone full-circle from dirt cheap/free basics to hyena diapes to cpfs and wool covers. I use wool and cpfs because of environmental reasons (and health) and I use appliqued and embroidered wool in fun colors because they're cute!
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I am a big environmentalist, so for me I always knew I would cloth diaper for environmental reasons. Saving $ was up there too, but that's not the reason I do it.
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Originally posted by Sandra Dee
Hey - Linda - I keep meaning to ask you - how did you pick your son's name? Just curious!
T the scoop....phew....I really loved the name Adrian i loved it soo much..But it seemed that every little boy in PR and every little girl was either names Adrian or Adriana.... I didnt want a typical name for my son so I sleped on it... FOR A LOOOOONG TIME....One night i had a dream(:LOL) not that type of dream but a dream and i heard myself literaly calling someone Arian...But in a mommy tone YKWIM so i woke up and woke my husband up in the middle of the night(literally it was like 3am) and told him we should name our kid Arian Alexander....In spanish theres a strong accent in the last A on Arian so it sounds extremely nice and strong....

So thats how it came to be!!!
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That is a beautiful story...and I love your son's name.

I use cloth for all those reasons, and for the health of my children...nak
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All these reasons plus...
1. gentle on babies skin
2. teaches the oldest about cloth diapering values
3.supports WAHMS not big irresponsible companies
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The biggest reason for me was that I didn't want dh exposed to the chemicals in sposies. Plus, cloth just seems more comfortable.

The cuteness of the dipes and the cost effectiveness are just bonuses.
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Cuteness would be my main reason - even though Im not really into heaps of variety or anything like that and would never fork out really big dollars for a diaper - I just hate disposables - I hate the squishy, mushy look they get when wet and I hate the way they smell and feel when wet too.

Environmental - but more based on my own rubbish bin than world issues - I cant stand having my bin full of nappies.

Health is in there too - we all have sensitive skin in this house, and the kids were all a bit sensitive to disposables, not to mention Im just not sure what's in them.

Finally - I kind of like to go against the crowd and do something a bit different.
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I really could mark all four reasons. It started with cost and the fact that ds always had a diaper rash in sposies.

Now that I am no longer brainwashed into thinking sposies are the only way to go, it just seems ridiculous to throw out that much trash every week. And I just love his big puffy diaper butt.
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Originally posted by mama_kass

3.supports WAHMS not big irresponsible companies

Good one!

So, Linda - how do you pronounce it? I keep thinking Arian like Aryan Nation. :LOL
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Cost and cuteness factor.
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Originally posted by Sandra Dee

Good one!

So, Linda - how do you pronounce it? I keep thinking Arian like Aryan Nation. :LOL

I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO SAY THAT.....I KNEW THATS WHY YOU WERE ASKING yup!!! exactly....well in English sad to say thats how you pronounce it.....Its really so sad cause in spanish its so nice : i guess i cant have it both ways .....

But its kindda ironic dont you think
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For us it is a little bit of everything -- Saving money, saving the environment, keeping chemicals off of the tiny tushie and of course I am totally addicted to all the new cute and amazingly made dipes!
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Are you from PR? My husband is Dominican. We used his middle name Alexis for our DS's middle name and people are always asking me "isnt that a girls name?" But in Spanish it is also a male name.

I love your sons name btw!
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I chose other ... Should read ALL OF THE ABOVE! :LOL

I started for mainly for cost & environmental reasons... & then the comfort factor made sence, then I found out all the health reasons. It really is true.. ignorance *IS* bliss. BUT I am no longer using sposies and will NEVER go back now... so Hind sight is 20/20. Glad I am here knowing what I know now!
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I didn't vote b/c I wasn't sure which one to pick. Honestly, I just hated putting plastic on her bum, especially after a nice bath I wanted to put her in something soft and cloth.

It was only after I started thinking more about it (the hyena's howls could be heard even outside this one forum, lol) I had to admit that the environmental aspects were important to me, and have since become even more of a biggy.

And yeah, they are just so darned cute and pretty!!!!

The cost factor arguement kinda got blown out of the water after several online shopping trips and some oh-too-cute diapers!
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Because I think it is the healthiest choice for my son. I don't like the thought of all those chemicals/bleaches/gel beads next to ds's sensitive parts!

Environmental reasons are pretty important too, and I certainly feel that using cloth is just "too cool", but I'd do it for the health benifits alone.
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Everything except cost. LOL.....I am such an addict I probably spend the same on cloth as I would on sposies BUT there is no chemicals on my sons tush, his tush is extra cute, and we are not contributing to the landfills. Plus my money goes to the people who I want it to go too and not big corrupt businesses! LOL
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For me, I originally switched because of $$ and environmental reasons, but now it's really a combo of so many things. I feel cloth is healthier and more comfortable for my babies. Also, I love to make a statement!

SAHM to Noah (4), Joshua (2) and edd 10/18/03 Sarah
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I switched orginally because of cost but now it is pretty much all of the above. I can't imagine throwing away diapers everyday and her butt is so cute in a CPF.
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