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Poll Results: Why do you CD

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 31% (80)
    Enviromental Reasons
  • 28% (73)
    Cost Reasons
  • 26% (67)
    I like em' cute ol' diapes!!!!
  • 13% (34)
    other(please explain)
254 Total Votes  
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For me it is mostly because of the gel and perfume. The environment and cuteness factor is just a added bonus, and I'm pretty sure I won't be saving any money on them.
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I'd love to say that it's environmental or other reasons but if I'm going to be completely honest it was and is money. The environment and how good it is for my kids is secondary.
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Re: Linda...

Originally posted by Max's Mami
Are you from PR? My husband is Dominican. We used his middle name Alexis for our DS's middle name and people are always asking me "isnt that a girls name?" But in Spanish it is also a male name.

I love your sons name btw!

T Thank you and im from PR.....I completely understand about ALEXIS to me its a boys name go figure.....Ya see the language barrier.!!...In spanish my sons name represents strength and in enlglish it represents, well, you all know.... At least it isnt spelled the same...

And Kerrie yes the environmental issues are "thirdary" (dont you just love my words) to me also....They are important but secondary....First and foremost is the health hazard(aka allergy) and second is the cost then in a third category is the environment it sounds terrible i know ...but honest..
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I chose cost even though that wasn't my initial reason. I wanted bfing to really work for me on dd #3 and saw a recommendation to use cloth diapers to help you determine and count wet diapers since the sposies are hard to tell if they're wet. So I started looking in to it and since I was going to have two in diapers, it made perfect sense.

Funny because when I was pregnant with #2 my friend said she was going to use loth and I was like, eeeewwwww!
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I selected them all. My "other" is that it's healthier for babies. When I first started it was for cost and environment.
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All of the above!
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I was initially interested in using cloth because I was sickened by the number of times we had to take garbage to the dumpster per week when using sposies. I pictured an entire landfill filled with our diapers. It made me feel awful.

The chemicals, the softness, the cuteness are all supporting issues that I discovered after starting to cd. Cost so far has not been a supporting issue because I've spent quite a lot of money on cd by using FB, then wool and hemp. But I think it will pay back over time. And I can always buy a bunch of ubcpfs for barely any money and those can be my diapers, now that I have all the fancy wool covers I could want, LOL.

And I *love* supporting WAHMs and not big industry. In fact, on the rare occasions that I supplement my little guy, I was thinking of using goat's milk rather than formula because I so detest the formula companies. I feel exactly the same about diaper companies.
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Environment b/c we don't have recycling in our area, this is one way to make up for that.

Cost b/c we aren't wasting money and throwing it away on dipes. And I can use the dipes we have on our next baby .

Addiction........I AM ADDICTED TO CUTE DIPES!!!! I love to show off his cute little bubble but w/ a cute print on it. My neighbors laugh at Hank's diaper fashion show, lol.
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For me,it's keeping chemicals off the babies skin,
then the enviromental reasons and plus the cuteness factors
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I orginally switched because of cost and ds is allergic to sposies. Now after all i have learned its all of the above. I love cloth!
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I am in the process of switching to cloth diapers because :

A. They are so d@mn cute....
B. I wouldn't want to wear disposable underwear (crinkly and uncomfortable, plus ugly), so don't want to put it on my daughter either.
C. I like being a rebel I love the looks I get from my mainstream friends when I tell them that I make my own organic baby food, I am cloth diapering, I wouldn't circumsize, etc.
D. The gel stuff freaks me out on Eliza's cute little butt.
E. I hate throwing away all those dipes every day...
F. I am loving the interaction with the WAHMs. I love supporting that - I would love to be a WAHM (instead of a WOHM ) and love supporting other mom's dreams anyway I can!
G. I wish I could say for the money, but I am a in training - it will never be more cost effective for me to CD than to use 'sposies .

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I started out CDing under the misguided impression it would save me money. And it might have if a friend of mine hadn't shown me the Cloud 9 Softies site with a beautiful butterfly print that was just waiting for my DDs bottom (although my friend had mentioned prefolds, I quickly bypassed that idea, being of the "flat diapers I would have to pin" notion). So I started off with fitteds and Airflows and while it wasn't saving (much) money, I did have two in diapers shortly thereafter and I felt like I at least wasn't throwing it away!

I actually was at the store today considering buying a pack of sposies, which I do every so often (like twice a year LOL) to take a CDing break when I have just gotten overwhelmed with everything else I have to do. In the past, I have been able to do this guilt free... for some reason I just couldn't today. Wasn't a cost issue or anything, I just thought "I can't put paper diapers on him anymore". Slowly but surely it has become a bit more of an environmental issue than it used to be... well, that and the fact that my inner hyena says "What are you, nuts? You could buy a really cute fitted for what those cost!" :LOL
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A pg friend of mine said she was going to use cloth w/ her newborn. I wandered around MDC's pg forums, and saw this bizzare "diapering" forum here.

I said to her, well, go to MDC, there's some kinda diapering forum, and what the heck, I'm sure it's not to tell you how to put on a Pampers. I told her to make sure her hubby washed them since it was his idea, and that my playgroup friend quit cloth at 14 months........

One day I thought I'd better glance at the diapering forum, since I'm recommending it to people!!! There was a thread about NOT dunking...

...this caught my super-'sposie eye, and I read it, and was delighted that dunking DIDN'T have to happen.

And there was this intellegent, hilarious post by someone with 'punkinbutt.com' in her sig line, so I clicked the link....

AND THE REST IS HISTORY, Heather's snappy little articles & the Diaper Drama spoke to me and convinced me that cloth is the way to go.

As an educated person, how could I NOT use cloth, now that oops, I had read the information that proves it is the better eco-choice (and I am not even that crunchy!)

So we switched to cloth w/ dd at 19 months. She potty trained 3 months later, and we still saved $$ on dipes overall.

$$ isn't the main reason I cd, but I do LOVE the fact that I will guaranteed spend less on cloth for my children even when I buy some of the 'fancier' stuff (nothing HYENA caliber, but a few custom covers, FB, stuff like that....no auctions for me, but not just cpfs and ProRaps either.)

And I too LOVE supporting the cottage industry of cloth dipes...even if it's some WAHM selling 'corporate' dipes like FB or Kissaluvs. It's still a WAHM.

I like making thoughtful choices, too, and I think cloth diapering is very thoughtful--thought is given about the environment, my baby, the suppliers of the dipes, etc.

It also makes diaper changes less of a 'chore', and more of an oppertunity to interact w/ the baby, because it does take a little longer, and because it's less 'chorelike' when you've got CUTE stuff to use!
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tinyshoes that was a great answer.... im actually stunned right now....well put mama!!
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Mamuluvs3girls, its really interesting that that was your reason for choosing cloth.

Im breastfeeding Eliza (5 months) and she's not on solids yet. As you do, I've totally lost the sensation of being full of milk, breastfeeding is now an efficient and waste free process. But as she is such a cranky and difficult baby who is not sleeping well at night, I've often lacked confidence that I have enough milk.

It is only the ability to measure how wet she is, because she's in cloth, that gives me the knowledge that yes, she is getting enough.
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I voted other, Daniel is horribly allergic to disposables, all kinds. We tried everything and finally tried cloth out of desperation. Now I love it for the cute factor, but the real reason is for his bum!!!
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I picked them ALL!
We switched at 9 months because I was tired of dd's little bum getting exposed to unknown chemicals.
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Originally posted by steelmagnolia4

I actually was at the store today considering buying a pack of sposies, which I do every so often (like twice a year LOL) to take a CDing break when I have just gotten overwhelmed with everything else I have to do. "What are you, nuts? You could buy a really cute fitted for what those cost!" :LOL [/B]
Oh I SO know what you mean about that! We went camping last week and so I bought sposies and it really irritated me to be paying that much for stuff I would throw away!!! I thought the exact same thing...I could buy a really cute diaper for what those cost!

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The reason I switched to cloth:
EVERY NIGHT ds would wake up drenched, no matter what sposie we put on him, no matter how often we changed him. I think it was just the way he slept. At the time he was sleeping with me, and I would wake up wet too. NOT FUN. Around the same time, I got a catalog in the mail selling natural kid gear including cloth diapers. That got the ball rolling. I started to think that with cloth, I could bundle him up in all the right places therefore insuring a dry night. It took a few tries to find the perfect night time system, but since then we haven't had a single leak!

My decision to CD fulltime was because after feeling the soft cozy cloth, I just could not put another piece of plastic on my ds's tush. I want him to be as comfortable and happy as possible, so I would do anything!
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why CD??

I starting cloth diapering to save money because I have twins!!! I seriously think I've saved thousands of dollars!!!! When I got my hands on a sewing machine, I just made diapers out of receiving blankets and whatnot. It became an addiction after that!!! LOL

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