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Poll Results: Why do you CD

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 31% (80)
    Enviromental Reasons
  • 28% (73)
    Cost Reasons
  • 26% (67)
    I like em' cute ol' diapes!!!!
  • 13% (34)
    other(please explain)
254 Total Votes  
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i looked into using cloth when i was pregnant with my first for environmental reasons.
i went with the store brand gerber :x and gave up after a month or so....then when she was 7 mths i learned there were other better types.
i went on ebay and began exploring a bit...buying WAHM's and stuff.
i ended up really liking fuzzibunz.
i do it for thier health firstmost. and then environmental and then cost.
honestly, i could probably buy cheap disposables and the cost would be around the same, but i would have nothing to make back in return. i can probably make a few bucks when my diapering days are all over.
now i feel so bad when i have to use a sposie.
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I started using cloth for environmental reasons.

I had no idea cloth diapering was anything other than the prefolds, pins, and rubber pants of the olden days. (My mom used cloth on my brothers and sisters and I so I wasn't completely turned off, but disposables seemed the norm, so...) I was browsing around the internet looking for nursing tops, and some crunchy shop in Canada sold something called the "fuzzi bunz diaper system". I took a look, and e-mailed the link to my mom who is a nurse and the owner of a pediatric group home for medically fragile children. I thought this might be a way to reduce all the waste from the literally hundreds of diapers we throw away every week. She ordered a few FB's for me as a X-mas gift, and we've loved them ever since!
Now DH and I have also fallen in love with hemp fitteds and fleece covers, and we mix those in with our AIO's and pockets to spice things up... Luckily DH jumped right in when I, um, TOLD him we were going to use CD's from now on. He loves the idea of fleece against his baby's bottom! We have 3 kids in diapers- I have an 8 mo old DS, as well as a 5 mo old foster DD and a 7 yr old foster DD with medical ailments- so we have definitely saved money on cloth! I'm addicted to buying new diaps, doublers, covers, etc, etc, etc... So the cuteness factor is a big reason we CD now!
And I do agree that changing a CD is so much better for bonding than changing a disposable... You have to snap or velcro to the precise measurement, tuck in extra fabric, put on a cover, check the fit, tickle the baby- it's so much fun! And, come on, who doesn't love putting their diapers together fresh from the wash- stuffing the pockets, laying the doublers in the nights diaps, folding everything up right! Hey, at least it's a (fairly) safe addiction, right?!?
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My reasons:

Healthier for baby
More comfy than crunchy 'fake' diapers.
Sposies just gross me out
So cute, I love em and I don't really understand why, but I do
Supports WAHMs instead of large coorporations
I love the 'handmade' aspect of it. Many probably learn skills like sewing and knitting just to make their own or sale diapers.
I cannot imagine spending that much money on something you use once and throw away
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