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people who know south carolina

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What grocery stores do you have there?
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When were living in Goose Creek we had Publix,Piggly Wiggly,Food Lion,Super Walmart and if we went far enough Harris Teeter.Thats what I can remember from 7 years ago.
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Thanks crittersmom!
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Depends on where you live. When I lived there, the closest grocery to us was an IGA. Next closest was a Food Lion, and I think we had a Piggly Wiggly fairly close by as well.
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i live in the upstate (york county) and there is bi-lo,food lion,a compare foods just opened..i miss hannaford so much.
we had a winn-dixie but its been gone for years now. people also get food at wal-mart around here.

we do have a few health food places within fairly decentish driving distance
(the van is shot,though,so we havent been in a long while ) ie,earth fare.
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I went to college in Columbia and we had Publix, the Pig, Food Lion, Bi-Lo, Walmart, Winn-Dixie... Oh and in Columbia there is this big health food store, kind of like Trader Joe's. I forget what it's called. It's been a couple of years...
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i'm in beaufort, and we have 2 piggly wigglys, 2 bi-los, a food lion, a publix, we HAD a winn dixie, but it closed, and a little further out in bluffton there's a krogers.
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It varies from area to area, but I think there are Piggly Wigglys (Wigglies?) throughout the state.
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Thank you so much mamas!
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here we have IGA,Piggly wiggly,bilo, and food lion
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Piggly wiggly always makes me giggle. Piggly WIGGLY? A wiggly piggly? And this is where you buy groceries?
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I know this is an old thread but depends on the area

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