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Those who had C/S

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Ok, anyone else's belly so sensative you don't even want clothes touching it? I mean it is painful to have anything touching the skin on my belly and I am not talking where my incision is at either. I say it starts a bit below the belly button area and goes on down.

If it is just light pressure, it is usually just uncomfortable, if you push it actually hurts and sort of makes me want to puke. I don't even like to use the boppy to nurse DD2 with, because it lays up against the belly area and causes discomfort.

No fever, but I do get the chills every now and then. And it has been almost 4 weeks.

Also, I still cannot lay down for more than a short period of time. The only way I can sleep in my bed is curled up in a semi ball on my right side, otherwise I hurt.

Anyone else having issues from ther c/s still
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I had some of those problems at 4 weeks pp and now at almost 6 weeks everything is much better. Hopefully in a few weeks it will not bother you as much.
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I'm also having some of these issues at 3 and a half weeks. You seem a lot worse. I'd call the doctor.
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I have weird feelings around my incision. That is normal. But what you describe doesnt' really sound normal at all. Call your doc...
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call- i had problems, my incision started draing after about a week- after a week and a half if twice daily packing (fun fun- thankfully ive got a medic hubby who has done it a million times) ive been on a wound vac for the last 4 weeks. it was healing on the outside, but not internally
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How's your temperature?
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I had this for several weeks. My belly felt like it stung or something just under the skin. It's gotten much less and less over time; as I understand it, the nerves were severed and things are now a bit wonky as they're healing up.

Your situation does sound much more intense, I would definitely give your doctor a call and keep an eye on your temperature.
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