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Hey august mama's

Just wanted to let you know I have been checking on you all and reading your posts (with sam in arms, i don't usually try to reply -- can't get that typing and snuggling done well at the same time so I choose to snuggle!!!)

Sam was at the Dr today, he is 13 days old and has surpassed his birth weight (6lb, 3oz) and weighed 6lb, 8oz today!!!!

I am sending all you labor vibes and healthy baby wishes......

can't wait to hear your stories....

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Mamabeard~I think you can lose your plug up to two weeks before birthing but I have heard lots of mamas birth within the week? : That probably doesn't help, but at least you know you are on your way!
Dreamweaver~Isn't the heat miserable? We have not had a storm or any rain in 6 weeks! I have also heard of mamas going into labor with thunderstorms so let's wish for some in our part of the country!
Kaje~You have my interest piqued! What kind of a circle are you doing tonight to reconnect with dh?
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Does anyone else feel their baby making really large movements inside of them? Like, whole body parts sticking out?
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Originally posted by RachelMolly
Does anyone else feel their baby making really large movements inside of them? Like, whole body parts sticking out?
ALL THE TIME! Mainly at night - which does not allow me to get any sleep! Sometimes I think he has 4 legs and 4 arms and several bodies..... I don't know how he is doing it!
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I'm still in labor....thanks for all the well wishes! My contractions have slowed down a bit, but still strong when they happen. I was getting really discouraged, but I talked to both my doula and midwife and they both said that it's pretty common to have really strong contractions at night and slow down during the day. They are both expecting to have a late night with me! I finally changed our answering machine message and took the phone off the hook...hard to sleep when the phone keeps ringing! I've now had about 2 hours of sleep total since Tuesday night! I'm tired...but feeling good.

Mamabeard, my plug just came our this morning and it wasn't bloody either. It sounds just like what you described. I've also heard that it could mean labor it soon or a week or two...good luck!

Thanks again for all the good birthing vibes. Hopefully next time I feel like sitting at the computer it'll be to tell you about our baby!!
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Sharon, I'm glad to hear you are going to try to get some more sleep. That's the mistake I made, I didn't get any sleep when I could have, then I paid for it when the really tough labour started, I was exhausted!!! So get some rest when you can, I'm thinking of you, sending you much strength and energy!!!!

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Okay, I need to vent. I'm really pi**ed at dh right now. As you know he works out of town. Well I just talked to him, and he's been drinking, and now is planning on going out with the guys for a f**** pool tournament!!! I'm sitting here, bored out of my tree. wondering when/if labour is going to start. And *if* it was going to start tonight, he wouldn't be able to make it, cause I wouldn't tell him, cause he's drinking and I don't want him driving.
I'm so sad, and frustrated....he has absolutely NO clue!!!!

Sorry for such a down post...I really needed to get this off my chest.

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MS, I'm so sorry. Isn't it amazing how insensitive they can be? Dh is working late tonight and I called him at about 9:30 just to see when he would be home and he is not answering. Not even a call back. What if I was in labor? They don't have a clue sometimes.

Just know that we are all here for you though
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Hi Everyone!
Had a good Dr. visit today. He says baby has moved down about as far into my pelvis as she can get and is in the "optimum" birthing position. He thinks I will be calling him soon - hope so! No real signs of labor yet - just a few sporadic BH contractions.

I had a very powerful dream that my water will break on Sunday at 8pm. It was one of those dreams where you wake up thinking it was real. Wouldn't that be spooooooooky??

Another great treat today - Dh showed up at the Dr. office and surprised me. He didn't think he was going to be able to come but he made it AND he brought me an ice cream sandwich - what a guy!!
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Well we did like a ritual kind of a deal. I am a recovering practicing Catholic that is open to circles.

So we had a candle in a bowl of water, my body cast, and a couple other meaningful items. we shared what blocks we had in the relationship, what we need to clear, what we need to open, what we need to strengthen, what we need to fill. It was good.

No labor here yet. I am due in 20 minutes. That makes me emotional. Come on babe!
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Mamasoleil~ That sucks about your hubby. In fact, sometimes THEY suck! They are clueless so often. You are in my thoughts
Laurag~I am curious to see if your water breaks on Sun.!
Kaje~Try not to focus on today (Fri.) as anything more than just a regular old day. Think about how beautiful, healthy, and full term your precious baby is! Hang in there.
Sharon~Thanks so much for updating us! We are all thinking of you and wishing you a blissful birth! Go mama go!
Birdwoman~Glad that you and Sam are doing well! Isn't is beautiful to see him grow on mama's milk?
I am also feeling BIG baby movement. I guess they have slowed down but now I see and feel elbows, knees, etc. Mostly at night, just like you guys... Sometimes they hurt a bit as there is not much room left in there!:
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hey.. cool that it might be my mucous plug, but that i may not go into labour for a while yet.

it's odd how frequent my bh's have gotten. i have probably 15 an hour now, and some crampy ones. always makes me wonder if i'm in labour, but like they say, i guess i'll "just know"..
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Thank you Steph and Wooby!!!
It's morning, and I'm still pg...so I guess my little emotional breakdown last night was a little ah, amplified???? I don't know. Men are pretty freaking clueless sometime!!!
Kaje~let's hope your circle cleared the air and the energies, and your baby will feel that welcome!!!But I agree with Wooby, it's just another Friday....
I'm 39 wks today! Pretty cool. I'm not in as much pain as I was a few wks ago, so if the babe wants to hang in, I'm fine with it. My sis gets here from Vancouver on Tuesday, the full moon. Soleil had especially asked for my sis to be her 'guardian' while I'm in labour...they both share a love for bugs...it's really quite cute!!!!
I wonder how Sharon is faring today? Is she holding her little babe, or pushing????
Mamabeard~sounds like your body is doing a lot of work...good for you sister!!! How's the weather there today?
Laurag~If you go into labour on Sunday, I will absolutely bow to you!!!
My friend and I, she is due the 14th Aug, are going to get together on Tues and set out our intentions for labour, and smooth, and healthy babies...should be fun. I'm throwing her a blessingway on Sat night, I've used a lot of ideas from Steph's blessingway...sounded so beautiful!!!!

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mamasoleil, that truly sucks about dh, or maybe we should just call him h right now. Hang in there, sister.

laurag - that would be cool if your dream came true! I had a dream recently that I was in labor, and I woke up all freaked out, not because I was scared, just because I thought it was really happening! Weird.

I can't wait to hear from Sharon! I think....it's a boy. We shall see!
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the circle has been broken.

i am a mess today.

i did not go to bed until nearly 1, peed twice by 4, our smoke alarm went off at 5, cuz dh has yet to change the batteries in them along with the carbon monoxide detector. he changes them when they beep and wake us up in the middle of the night even though i have asked him to keep track of them.

Anyway my 2 1/2 year old who wakes up anytime between 9:30 and 11:15 did not go back to sleep but dh sure did and snored while ds and i laid there and looked at each other as the sun rose. And then dh's alarm went off at 6:30 and ds still would not go back to sleep. And as dh got out of bed he leaned on my foot hard and i said thanks and he said, "no thanks shamer and blamer!!!" and then as he left the room Charlie started crying for him. And never settled so we came downstairs. i called dh and said, "i may need you to come home and help me today, remember i am on bedrest", and called me another name and hung up on me.

we always struggle pre-full moon but i am devasted that today is my due date, ds is awake and dh was rude to me.
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What is it with these menfolk?
Sorry, kaje
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Oh Kaje!!!! I'm so sorry...today is very special, and what a way to start your day!!!!

I agree with Annais, what is up with the men today????? All I know is I have to chance to raise a boy to be fully sensitive to people,,,not just himself!!!
Kaje, I hope your husband will call soon and apologize...

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he will but i don't feel like accepting his apology

in fact his phone call.
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That's how I felt last night, but my *h* never called back.
Whatever, I don't even know how I'm going to react when he gets home tonight....
I wish he would have called. Even though I know I wouldn't have answered the phone, at least....
Anyway, I'm sort of feeling similar feelings of resentment today.


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MS, you have to let us know how the Blessingway goes. I am glad you were able to take some ideas from mine. It really was beautiful. If your dh (remember the D does not have to mean dear or darling, lol) is anything like mine, he will act like nothing happened at all. : Sometimes I like to refer to my dh as the donor.

Laura, I plan to come home Sunday and read that you are in labor. How excitiing!!!

Kaje, I am so sorry you are having a rough day already. Does Charlie like to watch TV? I think today would be a great day to use that as a babysitter. Get the Barney, Pooh, whatever he likes to watch and lie near him while he vegs. A day of TV will not hurt him. You really need to rest. I'm sending you a cyber hug
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