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not from me but I am excited.

JulieM posted this on the twin cities preggie thread!

Nicholas Julien made his arrival at 4:50am today. 8 pounds, 8 ounces, 21 inches. He's adorable and his big brother is in love with him! I had off and on contractions all day yesterday, went to bed about 10pm last night having to breathe through contractions every 10 minutes. My water broke at 1:30am and contractions were every minute lasting a minute from then on. I spent some time in the shower, and my midwife and her assistant showed up about 3:30am - they told me I could get into the birth tub that was all set up, but the urge to push was too strong and I was pretty comfy on the couch (as much as you can be I guess).

It was a wonderful birth - completely different then my first. It was so fast, and the pain in hindsight was nothing in comparison to the first. Oh - big brother got a chance to swim in the pool this morning - at least someone did. Can't wait to hear the rest of the upcoming birth stories. KJ - hang in there.

Julie I am so happy for you, and a bit jealous. I wonder if Sharon's baby is here too.
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moving list down
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Congratulations JulieM! Such an inspiring birth story!

I am wondering about Sharon, too... Our thread is so quiet today... who else?
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I'm still pregnant . We went to a wading pool today and I have no clue why I haven't done that all summer long. It felt so good to just float in the water. I hated getting out! Maybe we'll go back tomorrow if it is still hot. I told DH we need to install a heated pool in our back yard but I don't think it will be ready for me during this pregnancy . Oh well.

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday. Maybe I'll give her a nice birthday present, either a niece or nephew. I'd be happy with that.

I guess I'll just plan on having this baby at the end of August. I never expected to go past my due date since dd was 2 1/2 weeks early. I guess this baby has a mind of its own! Hope you are all feeling well. Take care and happy labor vibes to you all.
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Nothing here. Went for a walk in the woods. A rather hurried walk as the mosquitoes were unbelievable. Nobody in my house is happy today. Son is throwing a huge tantrum, husband is worried about some stuff, and I'm just coasting, waiting for a twinge. Oh well, son got quiet, must see if he decided to move out.
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I went to the doc yesterday...I am 3.5 cm dilated and fully effaced, so I guess it's soon!

I *think* that I lost part of my plug (eeeewwwww!) yesterday. I'm not due for another week, but any day now I think it'll happen!

I'm starting to get panicky-scared. What if I can't handle the labor pain? What if I don't make it to the hospital in time? What if something goes tragically wrong?

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

ACK, the jitters!
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TLS~I so hear you, Soleil was 3 wks early, I really thought I would be early again this time, but I guess I now get to experience a full on pg!!! I'm coming to terms with it.
Wooby~I'm so enjoying the book, so glad I got it...just in time to I think, I'll be inspired right before my son's birth story!!! Hope your sex was good!!!
I went for a walk in the woods today too, no breeze, it was disgusting, then went for a swim, which was awesome!!!
No labour here, where is Sharon???
Congrats to JulieM!!!!

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After a mere 49.5 hours (no that's NOT a typo!) of labor, we finally had our baby 8/8 at 7:30pm! It was a long hard haul, but still an AMAZING experience. Our doula and midwives were SO fantastic and John (DH) couldn't have been better support. I'll write the birth story later when I can actually sit without too much pain! (I did have three little tears...all in odd places...unfortunately, one was on my clitoris! ouch!!!) But I just can't get over how something so hard and tiring and painful can also be so fantastic and wonderful. I wish you all similar experiences...just with a few of those hours eliminated. I managed to make it through with NO interventions at all.

Here are the details... We have a beautiful daughter, much to our surprise! I was so convinced that it was a boy that when I looked, I saw the cord and was thinking "that's sure a funny looking penis!" Her name is Elena. She was 8 lbs 3.5oz. and 19.75 inches. She's absolutely perfect. I haven't slept much because I just keep looking at her!
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oh that is so great.. congratulations, sharon! wonderful birth stories are so inspiring (and tear inducing!) to read!! thankyou!

can't wait to hear the rest.. and i hope your tears heal soon .
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WOW WOW WOW - 49.5 hours!! Sharon you are amazing!! Very inspiring! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Elena in this world!!
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:bf :bf :bf

Sharon, congratulations on your daughter Elena! What a woman you are!!!!! Can't wait to hear more details when you are up to it!
Kate42~Man! You are halfway there! What a super thing to start out 3.5 cm dilated! You can surely handle the rest when it comes!
TLS~You have a super attitude mama! Hang in there!
Mamasoleil~How are you feeling?

Boy, I have a lot of low low (rectal?) pressure starting last night. It is nice because at least something is happening (baby moving even lower.) Happy Sunday!
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Wow Sharon, Welcome Elena, I think this is cause for a new thread.
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