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Kindergarten or not?

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My ds turned 3 in November and has always gone to some kind of daycare as I worked part-time. However, now I am a stay-at-home mom and he still goes to the Steiner Kindergarten 2 mornings a week. I thought he would benefit from the contact with older kids, etc (he was definitely bored in the short time he was home with me full-time).

He seems to enjoy it, he doesn't cry when dh drops him off and seems happy when he collects him. The teacher says he is fine there. But almost every day he says "I'm not going to school am I?" and sometimes he gets quite upset when the answer is yes.

I don't know whether he just doesn't like being separated from me, or whether there is something he really doesn't like about the place.

Any ideas?
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If he doesn't cry when being dropped off and the teacher says he's fine, it may be that he is just reluctant to leave you.
My DD is four and attends pre-school. Some days she asks to stay home or gets upset when she realizes it's a school day. It is usually because she wants to do "something fun" with me or is afraid I will do something exciting with out her. She finds it comforting to know that I am planning on staying home and catching up on work while she's gone
As long as the teacher has really observed him and she sees no problems and you sense it is more a seperation issue...I would still have him go (as long as you feel he is otherwise getting something out of it)

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my dd always asks me, in that too adult tone of voice, "So, mom, what did you do while I was at school today?" LOL!
She gets upset unless I tell her I stayed home and cleaned......
At almost 5, she is always excited to go to school. I would talk to your child's teacher about it.
BTW, our situation is very similar. I am a new SAHM, she has always gone to daycare before this. She is proud of the fact that she gets to come home for lunch and doesn't have to stay for naps.

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