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leg problems

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Hey there,
I am wondering if anyone had leg problems with their little ones? About a month ago my 19mo olds knee started giving out on him and he complained of pain after a two day fever. This is a very long story but the short of it is that this has been going on off and on ever since. We took him to a specialist and said it could be three things, a virus, arthritis, or infection. He said to come back if it didn't get better and they would have to stick big needles in his joints and drain syrum out. Well I can't bring myself to do this to him, so I took him to a good friend who is a homeopathic doctor. Im hoping someone might have some insight on this. Thanks
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What ended up happening with your child's leg problems?
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Hi Carmen,
They got better, it took a little bit but he is fine now. My homeopath gave him calcarb. I guess it was a virus. Recently a friend of mines little girl went through a very similar thing. Hope your not having to go through it, it was scary. Thanks for your concern.
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I have a cousin who went through this with her dd. It was a reaction to the mmr vaccination. She still occasionally has leg weakness & her legs give out.
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