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What is your level of education? - Page 7

Poll Results: What is your level of education?

  • 0% (0)
    Jr. High School or less
  • 0% (3)
    High School Dropout without GED (grades 9-12)
  • 0% (2)
  • 1% (9)
    High School Diploma
  • 11% (59)
    HSD or GED Plus some College but no degree
  • 3% (18)
    2 Year degree
  • 8% (45)
    Somewhere between 2 and 4 year degree
  • 31% (159)
    4 year degree
  • 25% (128)
  • 8% (42)
    PHD or more
  • 7% (38)
    Other: (please explain)
503 Total Votes  
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I did not read all the pages but I cannot be the only person who has a 4 year degree and certifications on top of that. I didn't want to put other, so I chose 4 year.
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I said other.

BA in History
BEd in Junior/Intermediate History
Reading and Special Education Specialists

I am debating a Master's but I am not sure I want to do it in Education. I think I would like to do it in International Relations or something like that. I think I need to deschool for awhile.
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Thanks for the welcome! Actually, I'm pedo. I did a GPR prior to my pedo residency. My husband is ortho. Looks like we're a bunch of 2 dentist families! Everyone thinks I'm crazy to be married to another dentist. It's not like we don't have anything else to talk about besides dentistry!
PS I was beginning to wonder if everyone on here was a lawyer!

Originally Posted by dentmom3 View Post
Welcome! I'm a dentist too...are you ortho, perio, endo? DH is perio and I am in general practice
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I have a BA, one MA, and will finish a second MA either this semester or next, then I will be working towards a PhD.
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BS foreign Service: Georgetown University
MA Anthropology of Development: University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies.

Periodically consider a PhD or another masters.
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I have a BS and MS in electrical engineering, both from UCLA (go Bruins!!)
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I have a double BA in Anthropology and Communication

and then I got my single subject teaching credential in social science (taught high school history)

then got my JD and now Im a practicing attorney

Now I finally know what I want to be when I grow up - it took me a while
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Master's in Social Work, Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Always worked in the human services field.
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B.S. and M.Ag. in Botany.

The Master's was a consolation prize. I had been in a Ph.D. program in Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology for 18 months when I got pregnant, and decided to take the opportunity to get out with a non-thesis Master's degree rather than trying to complete the Ph.D. in a lab I did not want to be in doing work that was not what I wanted to do after all.
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Originally Posted by siobhang View Post
BS foreign Service: Georgetown University

My MA is through the grad school of foreign service at Georgetown (CERES).
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BA in art history/fine art & MA in library & information science. I love doing art based programs in my children's library.
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Originally Posted by EVC View Post
My MA is through the grad school of foreign service at Georgetown (CERES).
Hoya saxa!
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BS in Math, Masters in Education.

No more degrees for me in the next 15-20 years, but after that, who knows! I'm not interested in a PhD in educ, but there are lots of other fields I find interesting, and I like taking classes. I can see myself starting a new career after the kids are grown.
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I voted PhD, but its actually MD, MPH. Close enough, I figured.

BS: Molecular Biology
MD, I practice neonatology and am a university prof
MPH: My research is in breastfeeding epidemiology.
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choose other, as I'm *working* toward a year long certificate. not sure I will go back for the second year, but will probably do online courses.
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B.S. Biology, minor in environmental studies (started out as a pre-vet major)

M.A. Interdisciplinary Studies- focused on cultural landscapes

A.A. Native American Studies (how that happened is totally beyond me)

Working on second B.S. in natural resources (started out in Parks and Rec. management, but recently changed majors) with minors in anthropology and writing. After that's finished, I'll probably do a second M.S. in nonformal science education.

Whew! Will it ever be over???? I think I'm one of those people who will always be in school!!
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BA English lit
MS Broadcast journalism

currently a post-bacc taking the medical school pre-reqs
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BFA in Printmaking
MFA in Painting & Printmaking
Law Degree

Currently working as an attorney in construction & design

PS I was beginning to wonder if everyone on here was a lawyer!
My dad's a dentist...does that count??
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HS grad w/ a semester of college - they kicked me out Ok I make that sound bad...it was a paperwork/technical error that factored into my gpa and plummeted it. I thought about fighting it but I felt like I wasn't accomplishing anything there anyways and just wanted to start over elsewhere.

Before I started over I ended up becoming a mom.
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GED at 16, vocational school at 17, and after that just required classes in CNA field.
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