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Please tell me you posted some book suggestions to this Mama - No Cry Sleep Solution, etc. I can't even read other boards anymore. :
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This site might not be helping either. I get thier weekly updates about what my toddler is learning to do at this age. Most of the time it is fine, but then there is this info that is thrown in with it too. http://www.babycenter.com/0_feedings...-years_3665.bc
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Originally Posted by Nicole R. View Post

A friend of mine in my very first playgroup (I've since moved on to a more philosophically aligned group) once let her one-year-old daughter cry alone in her crib for an hour and a half at naptime. When the little girl finally fell still, my friend went in to check on her. The girl was nearly unconscious with a very high fever and had blood coming out of her ear -- it turned out she had a terrible ear infection that my friend hadn't known about. My friend felt terrible -- but she didn't stop CIO. Man, I couldn't believe it!

Too sad for words
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The WHOLE problem is that CIO advocates think of babies as adults

These people who do it seem to think that little babies can reason like adults, and can get up and get themselves a fresh diaper if they need it, a drink of water, etc.

I can understand 'conditioning', but not till they are older.
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CIO is so riduculous to me. It's like spanking. I can't help but think of the people who do those things as not very bright (I know how snobish). "I want this baby to sleep by itself... maybe if we just stick it in a room it will eventually stop yellin' and go to sleep. That'll learn it." It's on par with "I'm going to hit you because you hit your brother."

My child slept through the night by age 9 months (yes we were lucky) and never had to sit alone in a room and wail It's like those who support CIO think it's the only thing that will work. Fortunately they are wrong.
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CIO makes me sick as well. i see it as a form of child neglect/abuse. its just downright mean. its all about so called "convenience" for the parents. when someone tells me that they're "sleep training" their baby i want to say, "who's really being trained? the baby to go to sleep or you to ignore the crying?" i could go on and on about how i feel about it like most of us could. i mentioned to my mom about CIO and she was absolutely disgusted that parents are STILL doing it! she said back in the 70's it was popular and she thought there had be progress with parenting issues.

as far as peds goes, at my DS's 6 month well visit the ped asked me how DS was sleeping. i said fine. he went on to ask me if he was STILL in our bedroom. if he had only known he was in our bed! i said yes he was still in our bedroom. he then asked if i would be "open" to moving him into his own room. i said no. we now have a different ped. i'm with some of the pp: peds have NO RIGHT to give me unsolicited parenting advice!
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