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Do you have a cozy bed?

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Just was wondering besides a nice mattress what everyone does to make a cozy bed. I think that I need to really make dh and I, and also our children's beds as cozy as can be. Soft, warm and cozy is the feeling I am thinking of. Nothing like coming home and getting into a cozy bed.

Another thing I am pondering are down and down alternative comforters are they worth it? What brands should I look for their are millions out there. I have heard eiderdown comforters are amazing but we just don't have the funds to purchase one.

I think this might need to get bumped up on my priority list for all of my family as sleep is very important along with the quality of sleep as well that you get.

Hugs (())
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For us good pillows and warm blankets are the key. Our mattresses are from a hotel when they remodeled....so old, used and nothing too fancy.
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Ours is cozy, warm flannel sheets, a covered down comforter and a big quilt. Several good pillows, too. Mmmm, I could spend all day in bed!

We just have a basic JCPenny's down comforter ($40 on sale) and its great for being cuddly and warm, but its too small. We have a queen bed and a full/queen comforter and I wish we bought the king size instead. Ours just covers the mattress by a few inches on each side, not big enough for us all to get really curled up in without someone hanging out in the cold. So I'm hoping to pass that one down to our full guest bed soon, and get an oversized one from the Company Store when they go on sale.

Good luck!
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I will second the flannel sheets. I don't have them, but climbed into bed at my grandmother's house while visiting a few weeks ago, and AH, BLISS. I told her in the morning that I spent a good 5 minutes just rolling around in bed before falling asleep, the sheets were just exquisitly cozy. And she promised to pick me up a set when she goes back down to Florida for the winter (yay grandma!)

I agree that beds/bedding are super important, because we spend so much time in them. I have a wonderful, king sized mattress. Only because I'm lucky enough to have in-laws that - through their impulse buying - end up passing a lot of barely used stuff down to us. This mattress is probably my favorite possession. It's so comfortable. I spent a lifetime on hand-me-down, 20+ year old, falling apart mattresses. I honestly thought I was an insomniac until I got this mattress. For the first time in my ENTIRE LIFE, I fall asleep when I lay down to go to bed. I don't toss and turn for 5-6 hours any longer. It's just awesome.

As for bedding, we use a down duvet, and have two very good quality pillows (again, always had cruddy old pillows growing up, so this is just divine - got them as a wedding gift and I love them). What we DON'T have is decorative throws, pillows, or anything of that sort. While I think they can make the bed look very inviting and cozy, they really don't serve a purpose and go against my "decluttering" ideals. I plan on making a really great duvet cover, though, and a matching bedskirt if I'm able to afford some fabric after Christmas.

Will be watching this thread for ideas.
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Our "king sized" bed is made up of the two twin mattresses that my DH and BIL used when they were in high school We just shoved them together and used king sized bedding on them. They are really good quality so we have never bothered to invest in a new bed. We will probably have to get an actual queen or king mattress when we have kids, or else our kidlet will be sleeping on the crack between them

I like several comfy pillows to curl up with. And soft sheets. I have never tried flannel sheets, but we are going to when it gets colder.
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We have a king size bed with a pillowtop mattress a really comfortable comforter. It's cozy. Apparently a little too cozy since the kids won't get out of it :
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My tip is to buy a comforter one size bigger than your bed. We have a queen bed with a king comforter, and it is so lovely to not be fighting over it all night with DH and and the baby!
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We have a queen size bed that was also a very nice hand me down. It's certianly the nicest I've ever owned. It's a DEEP mattress so we don't have it on a frame because I don't want to need a step stool to get in and out. We currently have one of those egg carton mattress pads which I don't care for. I plan to get out an old down comforter I have (the cheapy JC Penny one mentioned earlier), and use it as a matteress pad instead.
Two things I cannot go without are clean sheets and my wool blanket. We have 500 thread count sheets because not only do they feel better but they also last longer (I got them at a discount store like TJ Maxx-don't know if they're national). I am careful to wash every week because they feel so much more luxurious when they are clean. We sleep with a thermal blanket on top followed by wool then a quilt-which I'd like to replace with a hand made quilt with wool batting. I'm all about the wool these days. I want all of our kids to have a handmade quilt with wool batting.
Anyway, I totally agree that your bed's coziness level is important. Speaking of which I'm up WAY too late. DH has the bed all cozy, think I'll go join him now...
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King-sized pillowtop mattress from Verlo, a 3" Tempur-pedic knock-off foam mattress topper, lots of pillows for lounging, good sheets, a goose-down duvet, and a pretty quilt bed cover. And now that we have a babe, a cotton/rubber mattress pad for my side of the bed for all the milk leaks.
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Our bed is a work in progress. My dear sister gave us a king sized down comforter a couple years ago for Christmas. We have a queen sized bed so it hangs down both sides very nicely. The duvet cover came from Ikea and was a steal -- $9.00 on clearance. The fabric is a lightweight cotton so it doesn't add alot of weight to the down comforter and the small floral pattern doesn't look too girly. We both need new pillows and I'd like to spring for some high quality down ones. I'd actually like 4 bed pillows -- 2 for sleeping and 2 for propping up/looking pretty. My sister does this and it looks really nice without all those little throw pillows. Flannel sheets would be nice and a wool fleece mattress pad.
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Originally Posted by KathleenRay View Post
My tip is to buy a comforter one size bigger than your bed.

What happens when one has a pillow top King mattress? I know I have to do something here I woke again with no covers as my dh just pulls a little and our comforter that we have now is off of me.

I figured since we are in need of comforter, or down/down alternatice comfoter I should ask people that have comfy beds that actually like their beds. My bed is great just not the top bedding parts, lol!

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Yep! Although with me, DH, Ben, and Alice the 45 lb pitbull all in a full size bed, it would be hard not to be cozy!

We don't use a lot of pillows, but we have a down comforter that is terrific! Also, putting a comforter under your sheet is great for making a cozy bed - the comforter traps your body heat and keeps it from being used to heat up the mattress. You can really feel the difference if the comforter shifts under the sheets so there are places with just a mattress pad between you and the mattress. We do this even with a baby and I don't feel it makes the mattress overly soft
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Where is everyone getting their down comforters at. I bought one once and it smelled so bad and also their was feathers poking out.

I was looking into one of those down alternative comforters with gel fill and the supersoft microfiber but not sure how great they are or where now to find one.

The compant store sells down but I have never bought anything from there so not sure.
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Mattress- king-sized Stearns & Foster pillow top. If was a splurge for us when we got married, but if you're going to be spending 1/3 of your life on a furniture component, it's worth it, IMO. We got rid of the box spring when we went to a platform bed last winter.

Sheets- the cheapest possible 350 count high quality fabric we could find at the outlet mall. Yes, our fitted sheet is a bright yellow we refer to as the hide of Big Bird, but I can feel the difference on my skin. Given the choice between looks good and feels good, I figure the sheets are underneath the duvet when the lights are on in there, and when the lights are off, the color of the sheets doesn't matter.

Feather bed- have one that we used to use in winter. I liked it; DH didn't, so I'm not sure we'll put it back on when it starts getting cold again.

Pillows- still looking for the perfect pillow. In fact, it's probably time to replace.

Down Comforter- got at TJ Max for a good price, currently alternating covers for it. I prefer down because it's a lighter weight cover for the same amount of warmth you get from other types of comforters. Plus, it's nice that the cover can easily go in the washer/dryer.
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I love the way our Modal sheets feel (from BB&B) there super nice and cool in summer and while slightly chilly in winter, they warm quickly.

So what do you guys with a king bed do to find a bigger comforter. I have a nice king down-alt from Target but it's too narrow. I'm having a hard time finding a larger one, especially a duvet cover for one. Things feel so much cleaner with a duvet, I wash monthly. Maybe a cali-king?

As for mattresses, I love dd's bed better than our. We spent a lot on our, but got dd's from a local mattress factory that made cheapies out of scraps (all new material, but the sides, top, and bottom are all different patterns about $200 for a queen set!
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Originally Posted by 2Sweeties1Angel View Post
We have a king size bed with a pillowtop mattress a really comfortable comforter. It's cozy. Apparently a little too cozy since the kids won't get out of it :
We tend to get Saturday morning visitors in bed with us, they both comment our bed is so much cozier than theirs! (crazy kids both have down comforters too!)

We have a king Sealy extra quilted/padded and a 4" featherbed topper, good quality sheets (I like em crispy) and a down comforter. Once a week we fluff the feather topper and man, that night you just sink into bed. (I should mention I HATE hard beds!!! My mom has one thats like laying on a board)

I also made a fabric headboard to make it feel even more cozy in our bedroom.
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Our family bed is up high...I built a king size loft bed a year ago. It has side railing and pillow padding all around. It reminds me of my child hood fort, which makes it super comforting. Because it is high it's warm at night, and warm fuzzy bedding makes it cozy!
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I have a very cosy bed : We splurged a couple of years ago (ok it was 600bucks, but to me thta's a splurge on a nice pillow top, no flip mattress and it's just loooovely. The one thing that really makes it every better is our fluffy wool underlay and a nice weighty doona!
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What happens when one has a pillow top King mattress? I know I have to do something here I woke again with no covers as my dh just pulls a little and our comforter that we have now is off of me.
Separate comforters. DH and I used to have them but now we're back to sharing for some reason.
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We've got a queen bed with a king sized down duvet, high thread count sheets and luxury pillows. We bought each thing separately in the course of two years on sale, but now it's wonderful! I love the huge king duvet because we don't fight over the covers anymore. Since we keep the heat down to save money, the duvet is absolutely wonderful. The next thing we want if we can find an awsome price is a feather mattress topper.

A tip for buying duvet covers, overstock.com is wonderful. Look for a duvet with lots of good reviews, a high fill power, and all down, no feathers, or it will have feathers poking you all night. Also, buy a duvet cover to keep it in good condition. That way, you wash the duvet cover each time, instead of the duvet. We only wash our duvet once or twice a year.
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