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what is your baby's name?

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Just a fun thread :-)

Mine is named Charlotte Brittain LastName. She goes by Charlotte.
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My son's name is Henry Alan ----. If the next baby (still theoretical) is a girl I'd like to name her Dinah Grace. I also have names picked out in case of twins, which run in my family.
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My oldest son's name is Henry. An excellent name :-)
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Nadia Irene. Nadia we just liked a lot and Irene was my Nana's name.
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William Carter Lastname. We call him Will.

I like Henry, too. It's a name we're tossing around for the next baby.... probably Henry Macdowell Lastname, and we'll call him Mac.
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Clara Elise. Our friends who are 2, 3, 4, and 5 years old use both names, very cute.
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Sorelle Ruby

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Joanna Marie. We do Christian/Biblical names for the first name in our family and a family name for the middle name. Joanna means "God is gracious" or "God's gift". We picked the name after I had two miscarriages last year. And my pregnancy ended up being high risk and we came very close to losing her so we really feel like she is God's gift to us!
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Quincy Clark. Quincy because we liked it and Clark is my DH's grandfather's name.
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Stella Shreve Lastname is my 16 mo
(Stella was my great-grandmother's name, Shreve is my MIL's maiden name)

Mairin Virginia Lastname is my 4 yo
(We chose Mairin because it is a Gaelic name and DH's parents are Irish, Virginia is my grandmother's name)

If we have any more children we will have either an Aidan or a Douglas if it's a boy and if we have another girl.....well, God help us
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Karina Jane!

Big brothers are Kazimer Charles and Alexander Donovan.
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twopinknoblue, i have a cousin named aidan douglas. i think the names sound nice together.

my dd is lorelei siobhan mylastname. dh picked lorelei from the pogues' song and siobhan is my middle name.
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The baby is Jonas Cooper (hyphenated last name)
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Griffin Kale here
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baby girl is carina rose
big brother is keon raphael
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Sarah Patrice is my almost 3 year old and Simon Matthew is my almost 9 month old.
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audrey belle and amelie jude
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It's Ruby Ahjin. My side of the family often calls her by her middle name since it's Korean. But to tell you the truth, I think of her as Ruby, not Ahjin.
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Our babe is Grahame Charlotte. Both are family names.
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I just named our baby Jesse Lee
I'm not sure what nicknames s/he would have had.
maybe Jess for a girl? Or say the whole name as one"JesseLee" Or "Jessly"
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