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Silas Rafael _____ Silas means "wood dweller" at the time of his conception we lived and worked at a wilderness school. Rafael is DH's middle name and FIL's first name.

Ezreal Archer _____ (nn Ezzy) DH came up with Ezreal. Archer is the meaning of my maiden name

Names we will use for next kiddo (about 3 yrs from now)

Ethne Maria (girl) I really like Ethne (ETH-nee) and Marie is my middle name and Maria is a family name on DH's side


Riven Mattox (boy) Both names I love. No familial meaning...we are out of family boy names we both like.
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Our son 13, is Caleb John and our daughter, three months, is Aayla Jade
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Creed Judah-Ishmael _____

Creed cuz it means a statement of faith and after 2 miscarriages in a row before him and the doctors saying I woudl miscarry HIM as well....it was my triumph.
Judah after the biblical story in Genesis 29 of Leah focusing on God after 3 tries at getting her husband to love her through her sons...it emulated my own life story after my ex left me. She decided to focus on God abnd named her fourth son Judah.

Ishmael is biblical and means God Hears. It was my way of praising God for answering my prayer for another child.
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dd is Djuna Emily

ds is Alden Michael
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ds: Klayton Andrew ______

dd#1: Mia Kathryn Eloise ______

dd#2: Ana Elizabeth Suzanne _____
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DS is Joseph Raymond. Raymond is the name of 2 of his great-grandfathers and is also his father's middle name. Tim has always wanted to share his middle name with his first son since it was a connection to his past and to grandparents that he had a great relationship with. We chose Joseph because it is a name rich in Biblical history and is a new name to our family. We really wanted one family name and one new name.
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Originally Posted by pianojazzgirl View Post
dd is Djuna Emily

ds is Alden Michael
Love the name Djuna! Do you pronounce it "June-ah"?

My son's name is Aesop Glenn HyphenatedLastName. Aesop came to me in a dream, and also reflects our love of storytelling. Glenn is my partner's grandfather's name.
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Our 2 year old is Cecily Juliana. Cecily is the medieval version of Cecilia, the patron saint of music (an important association for us) and Juliana was chosen because she was born at Christmas-time, and "Jul" in Swedish mean "Yule."
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Axel Johan and Leo Magnus.
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Quinn Xavier M____
Azalea Louise Rhiannon F_____
Meara Maeve F_____

Fun thread!
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My kids' names are:

ds: Matthew Aidan
dd#1: Julia Rachel
dd#2: Hannah Michelle
dd#3: Genevieve Elizabeth
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Liam Edward Lastname(Irish). dh is Sean, fil is Kerry. dh wanted to stick with the Irish 'lineage' . Edward is a family name from both dh's and my family.

We picked out Maggie (not short for anything, just Maggie) for a girl something like 6 years ago...hopefully she will show up in the future Evelyn was my grandmother's name who passed away a week before I found out I was pg with ds, and my guess date was 2 days before my grandmother's birthday!! If ds was a dd, and she had been born on my gm birthday, I would have had to fight dh for Evelyn. I'd still like to consider Evelyn, but I'm not crazy about Maggie Evelyn....In case any of you were interested in that story
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Ronan Kee "last name"
Ronan is Irish for "little seal" and is the name of many a king and bishop.
Kee is the surname of one set of my great-grandparents of whom I was particularly fond.

I sure like Leo!
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DD1 is Anna-Lee Christine
DD2 was Reese Elizabeth until about a week ago when she became Reese Josephine. One perk to not turning in birth cert. paperwork right away.
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